Are you aware of the power of affirmations? You can use them to transform your love life.

Some people claim that you can get anything you want with positive thinking. The law of attraction is important, though you need to also consider other spiritual laws, such as the laws of karma and predetermination, which supersede the law of attraction.

In our many years of empirical research, we’ve found that how your life unfolds has a lot to do with personal timing, which is a reflection of your fate (which is the same thing as destiny).

Fortunately, we’ve also found that you have free will to make the most of your fate.

Thoughts are things and can shape your reality, within the confines of your fate.

You have a choice: you can program your mind with worries and negative thoughts and make your life worse, or you can do the opposite.

Many singles spend far more time searching for the right partner than they do preparing themselves for a compatible relationship.

Below are 23 magic affirmations to help you prepare for a great relationship. The more you repeat these affirmations to yourself, the more your mind will accept the suggestions and play along. Your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between reality and your imagination. Affirmations are a healthy way to harness the power of your subconscious mind.

Choose one or more of the following to repeat often, daily. Write it down and attach it to your bathroom mirror.

1) I am preparing myself on all levels for a great relationship.
2) I make time for the right relationship.
3) I am identifying and letting go of any love life blocks.
4) I’m in the right place and at the right time to meet compatible people
5) It’s becoming easier for me to relax, smile, make eye contact, and talk with people I want to meet.
6) Rejection is part of the game. I easily accept it and move on.
7) I’m flexible with dating and relationships.
8) I am self-disciplined to make the most of myself for a good match.
9) I now open my heart and accept love.
10) I am discerning with new people and avoid people who aren’t for my highest good.
11) I let go of the past and everyone who hurt me.
12) I’m accepting that the past is done.
13) I’m letting go of past relationships.
14) I forgive everyone, including myself.
15) I’m ready to love unconditionally.
16) I’m confident and make an effort to meet who I want to meet.
17) I am noticing compatible people, and avoiding bad matches.
18) People are drawn to my friendliness.
19) I am confident.
20) I’m improving what I can and accepting what I can’t change.
21) I accept myself and love myself.
22) I’m accepting love.
23) I accept and enjoy being single.

Note: These affirmations will not help manifest an ideal relationship if that is not part of your personal fate at this time, but they will help you prepare for when the time is right.

Now that you’re aware how your thoughts impact your reality, you can use these affirmations to prepare for a great relationship.

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