Spikenard is a Biblical Plant which is a Powerful Memory Boosting Agent, Promotes Good Cognitive Function, Helps with Anxiety and Stress, Helps with Depression, Great for Insomnia, Helps Regulate Blood Sugar, Lowers Blood Pressure, and Spikenard has Been Used Successfully for Thousands of Years with No Side-Effects

Mentioned in the Bible Many Times - Spikenard is mentioned many times in the Bible, the Talmud, and the Koran as a special oil for healing… and as incense and oil for atoning people in spiritual ceremonies. And in Egypt Spikenard was so prized the oil was kept in Alabaster cases. And in Rome Spikenard was used in expensive perfumes. And Spikenard was used in a special perfume called Nard. And Spikenard is mentioned twice in the Song of Solomon. And Spikenard was the expensive oil that Mary used to anoint the feet of Jesus.

Other Names - Nardostachys jatamansi or Spikenard or Muskroot.

Where it Grows - Spikenard is highly prized and hard to come by and high elevations up to 5,000 feet in the Himalayas in India and China and Nepal. And Spikenard is popular in Ayurvedic Medicine in India.

Taste - The root is spicy and has been used in the past as a flavoring agent and in perfumes.

Parts Used - The roots are used to make oils and powder, and the resin of the plant is also used… the roots look like matted hair.

Contains - Spikenard contains sesquiterpenes which is a powerful antioxidant that crosses over the blood brain barrier so it can heal challenges in our brain such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Also contains Jatamansone, Desoxo-narchinol-A, Valerena-4/7(11)-diene, Calarene, and Aristolene,

Powerful Brain Boosting Agent - Spikenard has the ability to boost up cognitive function and memory because it contains powerful antioxidants that are able to cross over the blood-brain barrier. Spikenard promotes the formation of more dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, and Gaba which all help to promote relaxation, good mood, and better cognitive function. Studies in mice showed a 50% increase in learning capacity.

Protects the Brain - Spikenard contains 2 iridoids compounds and other compounds that protect the brain and prevent cognitive decline and prevents brain cell death.

Prevents Gastric Ulcers - Studies show that Spikenard help to prevent gastric ulcer formation.

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels - Spikenard also has the ability to lower blood sugar levels thus making it great for those who are diabetic.

Helps with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Studies show that Spikenard can also help in the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome prevent the feelings of anxiety and despair.

Helps with Palpitations and Nervousness - The oils are great used in a diffuser to help with heart palpitations and nervousness.

Great for Anxiety, Stress, Headaches - Spikenard has sedative and adaptogen effects with help a person to relax and let go of stress. Spikenard prevents the formation of the stress hormone cortisol and helps with stress, anxiety, and works great for headaches.

Powerful for Depression - Spikenard works better than over-the-counter medications for depression. Spikenard is a natural way to heal and prevent depression without side-effects.

Helps to Protect Against Seizures - Studies show that Spikenard can also help to protect against involuntary movements, leg cramps, and seizures.

Powerful Anti-inflammatory - Spikenard is also a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that helps with arthritis, joint pain, swelling, and redness. Spikenard inhibits the formation of inflammatory cytokines and stops the inflammatory response caused by stress.

Protects the Liver - Other compounds in Spikenard are hepatic protective agents that prevent liver damage from free radicals and chemicals in our environment.

Helps with Epilepsy - Research shows that those who have epileptic seizures have fewer seizure when taking Spikenard.

Great for Insomnia - Spikenard is relaxing soothing and sedative and helps a person get a good nights rest. A study with 34 people show that those with insomnia fell asleep 61% faster and stayed asleep 48% longer with Spikenard.

Protects the Pancreas - Studies show that Spikenard can reduce pancreatic inflammation.

Great for Asthma and Bronchitis - Spikenard has a bronchodilator effect which helps to open up the lungs so you can breath freely.

Cancer - Studies show that Spikenard can kill breast cancer cells and induce cellular death in cancer cells.

Antibacterial - Spikenard is also a good antibacterial agent that kills Aspergillus flavus, Fusarium oxysporum, and Aspergillus niger bacteria.

Helps with Dandruff - Spikenard oil has antiseptic qualities that help to cleans the scalp and get rid of dry skin.

Great for Skin Wound Healing - The oil is also great when you have a small cut or wound because it is antiseptic and promotes healing.

Painful PMS - Spikenard also works wonders as a mild antispasmodic agent that helps with painful PMS symptoms.

Lowers Blood Pressure - Studies show that Spikenard contains agents that work similar to ACE inhibitors that help to lower blood pressure.

Great for Beautiful Skin - Because of the antiseptic qualities of this oil Spikenard helps to heal acne, heal clogged pores, and keeps skin moist, plus keep bacteria from building up which can cause acne.

Mild Laxative - Spikenard oil is a great alternative to over the counter laxatives and it’s all natural and is very mild.

Forms - Powders, Capsules, Resin, Whole Roots, and Essential Oils.

Dose - The powder should be taken at the rate of 500 mg and up to 5,000 mg daily for no more than 7 to 10 days.

Finding - Spikenard can be found on amazon.com and eBay.com

Cost - I have bought Spikenard oil on Amazon for 2 oz for about $22 and that will last a very long time. And 60 - 500 mg capsules for $12 which is not bad at all.

No Side-Effects - As of this date there are no known side-effects of using Spikenard in moderate doses and it has been used successfully for thousands of years. But as with all herbs, Spikenard should only be used for 7 to 10 days. And Spikenard really should not be taken by those who are pregnant, nursing, or small children… it is an emmenagogue and might cause a miscarriage. But even at high doses, no adverse effects have ever been noted.

Enjoy Spikenard and Heal

Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist

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