Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a painful progressive condition caused by compression of a key nerve in the wrist.

If you have been suffering from tingling or numbness in your hand and wrist for several months, you are probably suffering from CTS.

To get effective pain relief from CTS, here are 20 tips:

1. Practice a whole body movement such as walking for 20-30 minutes 3 or 4 times a week to get some relief.

2. Avoid the activities that need extreme side-to-side and up-and-down movements of your wrist.

3. Avoid working with your arms keeping too close or too far from your body.

4. Avoid resting your wrist on hard surfaces for longer periods.

5. Switch your hands when multiple tasking.

6. Increase the intake of vitamin B6 to reduce numbing, tingling and painful sensations.

7. Get sufficient vitamin E to improve the blood circulation and to protect the blood vessels from any damage.

8. Consume the diet that involves seeds, wholegrains, vegetables and nuts.

9. Try to lose your weight in a healthy manner if you are obese.

10. Get acupuncture treatment and acupressure for pain relief.

11. Apply ice packs to your hands and wrists to get pain relief and to reduce swelling.

12. Keep a splint on your wrist so that you can avoid twisting and bending of your wrist and reduce the pressure on it.

13. Take pain relievers such as aspirin and ibuprofen to get relief from the pain.

14. Take herbs, vitamins and supplements with your doctor’s suggestion. Arnica, vitamin B12 and enzyme supplements can provide relief from pain.

15. Shake your hands and wrists rapidly to increase the comfort and to reduce tension.

16. Apply heat to the areas where you feel carpal tunnel to relax your painful muscles and also to reduce soreness.

17. Practice relaxation methods and meditation to reduce the stress on your muscles.

18. Make sure that you tap the keys gently while typing the keyboard or clicking the mouse.[Mousing Techniques]

19. Keep your feet flat on the ground while working so that you can keep the body, arms and shoulders straight and the wrists at a safe distance from the computer.

20. Drink plenty of water as this is a wonder treatment for recovering from CTS.

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