Digital marketing strategy and idea in 2021

The good news is that many companies, especially start-ups, have made initial efforts to modernize their infrastructure and are ready for real growth. So now they need a digital marketing strategy and idea.

Due to the current situation, 2021 is the year that companies finally started to accept the digitalization requirement, but so far, no real changes (changes that lead to growth) have been implemented.

What has been the problem: The kind of transformation that most companies have been able to achieve so far is only the first step and only a way to grow.

Here are six strategies and ideas, digital marketing (digital marketing)

  1. Content marketing

To grow in 2021 and beyond, companies need to move their digital marketing strategies across broader horizons, and there is currently no more promising and potential horizon than the Customer Experience (CX).

Companies that accept the credibility of the customer experience will win in 2021, and what better way do you have for your company to provide useful content and resources with buyers to make their work easier. Do this through content marketing.

More than three-quarters of companies now have a blog. However, there is a fundamental difference between having a blog and placing it as part of a content marketing strategy for your company. What you need is a data-driven blog.

Start by understanding what your buyers need.

There are several tools for this. First, you can use keyword tools to find what is common in your industry. 

These similar tools let you know what search traffic issues most in-demand and which ones are most in-demand, so you don't waste time producing and promoting content that no one wants to read.

Second, the need arises from pain, so think deeply about your B2B and B2C customers and find out what they lack and what causes them to suffer. Then create the kind of content that relieves those pain points.

About half of buyers read online content (3-5 pieces) before going to the dealership. So that content should be your content.

They should also be well aware that almost all B2B buyers want the content they consume to contain information from industry leaders.


Some examples of buyer pain that you can produce to reduce that useful content:

  • They have no information about the products.
  • They try to compare products (46% of B2B shoppers say it is difficult to compare products online)
  • They are trying to understand new technologies.
  • It is difficult for them to keep abreast of industry developments.


  1. Inbound / SEO marketing

Useful content can be the cornerstone of successful digital marketing for beginners. You have done good research and produced good competitive content for your content marketing campaign for your purchases. Duplicate this now by gaining SEO credibility.

That means you need to do more in-depth research: research into keywords that go deeper and show you where you can focus your efforts and try to rank them.

If your industry is competitive, consider long keywords and write data-driven content that will help your SEO.

Check all SEO statistics.

Our trick is to balance SEO content techniques with the user experience. SEO content, which uses the strategic placement of keywords throughout the content, can fail spontaneously.

But you want to have good, relevant, and useful content that the reader can read well, so keep a balance with all your content.

After all, our idea is to try to get people to link to your pages. This can happen in a variety of ways (including organic, guest posting, and social media advertising).

  1. Social media marketing

Social media marketing funnels are one of the most effective ways to generate an audience in B2B and B2C businesses due to their potential and widespread targeting position and should be part of your digital marketing strategy.

This is the cheapest type of marketing among other social media. According to a 2016 report, more than 60% of novice marketers have used their Facebook advertising features.

You need to identify the person you are looking for and the companies you are looking for, and then create that profile in the social media ad.


You can also set up a marketing plan and target your website visitors and audience to generate a targeted and relevant profile.

In this way, you maximize the ROI, and depending on your marketing goals, you can create campaigns that:


  1. Responsive website

In the face of buyers who expect a better customer experience from you, B2B designers now need to get tips from B2C buyers and look for ways for their buyers to enjoy wherever they go shopping.

The best place to start is the company website. Here are three ways you can improve your company's digital marketing strategy and idea by adding it:

Responsive Web Design Most shoppers use mobile devices at work.

If your site is not designed to be used on multiple devices (PCs, tablets, phones), you will see a bad image in the eyes of potential customers (especially millennials). Don't be like 94% of companies that have no mobile strategy.

HTTPS If you are not sure why you should have an "S" in your HTTP, you should know that HTTPS is now a search engine ranking signal. Not only does this help your website appear higher in search results and generate more organic traffic, but it also adds a secure green lock icon to your browser.

If you do not install SSL, a "safe" alert will be displayed to all visitors to your website in the near future, so be sure to install it to avoid higher spam rates and lower rankings.

AMP buyers are busy and therefore necessarily impatient. If your website does not load fast enough, your company will probably be removed from their list of sellers. AMP means accelerating mobile presence, and if your site is not connected to AMP best practices, you cannot facilitate customer travel.

Move with the right AMP strategy for more interaction and a smoother experience. This means loading pages, scripts and submitting forms faster.


  1. Marketing automation

B2B customers typically use six different channels on their shopping trip, and about two-thirds of them will be disappointed with their experience.

Because you are now involved in creating customer satisfaction and satisfaction and want to guide your methods wherever you interact with customers. Marketing automation should be part of your 2021 digital marketing strategy and idea.

In fact, a major pain point for 40% of buyers surveyed is the seller's late response time. Automation can help solve these and other issues by stimulating communication, providing useful links, and linking to custom data, pre-ordered for specific customers. Basically, what you do is turn your business into a customer-focused business. B2B buyers want the following:

  • Easier communication
  • Hassle-free rearrangement process
  • Product comparison easier

An added benefit of automating your marketing process is that it helps keep your messaging streamlined across all your operating systems: email, digital advertising, and other channels where you interact with your agents and customers.

  1. Email marketing

Another digital marketing strategy and idea in 2021 is targeted email marketing. Interesting and useful new content is a good excuse for an email newsletter.

Use email marketing when content is carefully selected and targeted to buyers at specific points during the purchase decision split time.

In addition, to get more out of your content budget, you can reuse different content in different ways.

For example, you can get customers to your website through carefully planned email campaigns that include sections of blog posts on the website that are relevant to the moment.

The last word

Accepting the notion that digitalization can lead to growth, novice actors who have changed their backup processes and IT infrastructure should now work with marketing consultants to implement marketing strategies. This is how they get what they expect from a customer experience, just like what they do in the B2C world.


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