Let's face it, working out and staying fit is hard. It is so much easier to laze about in our yoga pants and binge watch our favorite shows on Netflix, but health is wealth and exercise is an important part of that. One of the best things about a new year is that it brings a fresh slate. But no matter how motivated you might be at the beginning of the year you might find yourself failing to stick to your fitness goals. The question on your mind probably is, how do I break the cycle of interrupted fitness routines in 2020?

1. Listen To Your Body
The journey to being fit is a marathon, not a sprint, so the best way to keep at it is to listen to your body and remember to rest. For example, if you are sore from the previous day, try a yoga class instead of running. You'll still get a great workout, burn calories but also give your sore muscles the opportunity to recover.

2. A Slip Up Is Not The End Of The World
When it comes to health and fitness, what you eat is just as important as exercising, after all, the goal is to build a habit, start a healthier lifestyle, and not lose weight in a week. However, you might find yourself occasionally straying from the path of healthy eating. When this happens, do not beat yourself up. Just make sure you make a healthier choice the next time you eat or do some activity afterwards.

3. Attend An Exercise Course
We get it, working at home is convenient, but attending an exercise course is also a great way to motivate yourself in the long term. When you go to a class, you mentally compartmentalize your place of relaxation (your home) from the place of training (class) and doing this helps you get the most out of the activities you do.

4. Use All The Technological Help You Can Find
We are talking fitness trackers, calorie counters, heart rate monitors, the whole nine yards. In our experience, if you can track all of your activities and see how they lead to a fitter lifestyle, you may feel more motivated to stick to them.

There are a lot of fitness apps that are great for people who are new to fitness. Some keep it simple by helping you keep track of your activities, while others go to great lengths to ensure that you have all the information you need to keep working towards your health and fitness goals.

The best activity tracking apps motivate you by offering incentives for activities completed like donating money to charity for every mile you walk, walk, or ride a bike. Many also work with heart rate monitors and fitness trackers to collect more data about your workout.

5. Pace Yourself
When exercising, be careful not to overwhelm your mind and body by doing all kinds of exercises in one day. The more you exercise, the less strength and energy you have to exert to perform other exercises effectively. So, to work more effectively, split your workout into smaller muscle groups or activities per session.

6. Invest In Some Equipment
For those days when you can't make it to the gym or your exercise class, a quick at-home workout would do. You can ramp up the intensity of your routine by using a good gym equipment list. You could start with three basic ones: a yoga mat, an efficient running watch, and a resistance band. Why these three? Resistance bands are simple, inexpensive, easy to store and can be used for various workouts. A yoga mat will help make your workout more comfortable and a decent running watch will help you monitor your heart rate and calorie burn.

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Misty Jhones