An air compressor, from its name, is a tool used to compress atmospheric air for specific purposes. The machine uses the electronic motor or gas engine to convert power into potential energy, which is then stored in as pressurized air. Air compressors are majorly used in filling up gas cylinders, fire extinguishers, or even airbags for underwater divers. Compressed air is a combination of gases that are squeezed into a can. To squeeze the air into a can, a machine that's powerful enough is a necessity. The machine has to apply just the right amount of pressure for the gas to be compressed.

Before you buy an air compressor, take time to learn the technology behind the machines. This will help you find the right air compressor for you. There are different types of compressors. When looking to buy, pay attention to the specifications on durability and speed. You'll also need to ensure that it works for its intended purpose.

Here are some of the different compressors and how they work:

The Piston or Reciprocating Air Compressors

This is the most commonly used air compressor worldwide. The machine works behind the principle of positive displacement where the piston moves to allow air inside the machine. It has two cylinders. The trapped air is then passed into the first cylinder. The pressure inside the cylinder compresses the air and passes it onto the next cylinder in the desired weight. One downside to these reciprocating compressors is that they may require a rather massive working space.

The Rotary Screw Air Compressors

The difference between the piston compressors and the rotary screw compressors is that, while the latter uses the piston and cylinders to compress air, the rotary screw uses two rotors to displace atmospheric air and push it into the compressor. The machine can prove easy to maintain, but one major disadvantage of this rotary compressor is that it can be too expensive.

Centrifugal Air Compressors

One distinct feature of centrifugal compressors is that they don't use positive displacement. Instead, they operate under the principle called dynamic compression. The machine uses centrifugal force to produce kinetic energy. The machine works at constant pressure and is usually relatively faster. Other air compressors usually use oil lubrication, but centrifugal air compressors are oil-free. This feature makes it one of the best compressing machines. The best air compressor 2019 Riffle NW is one of the oil-free compressors. It's quite fast, efficient, and durable. It also uses less space.

If you're looking to buy a very light machine compared to other portable compressors, then the best machine for you is Portable Cable C2002. It's considered as the fastest compressing machine in the world and is reasonably cheaper compared to other compressing machines. One of the most common failures of compressing machines is running out of pressure. Some machines also don't have property-constructed separating valves to tap out any condensed air. The centrifugal air compressors have all the best specifications.

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