Sheprenures: Bridging Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

“Making life easier for women entrepreneurs is to support women's empowerment.”

Today, there is an opportunity to accelerate the progress towards gender equality. Moments like #MeToo have highlighted an unacceptable status quo and demonstrated how too many women in the world continue to be deprived of respect and equal opportunities.

As per an independent report, there has been a little progress towards greater equality. Where, on the one side, the maternal mortality rates have dropped by over 50 percent. On the other hand, we can’t deny the fact that an equal number of girls and boys are now enrolled in primary school education in recent years. But, the overall progress remains too slow. Things need to speed up.

Everyone is well aware of the fact that setting up a business is a key means for women to empower themselves and break out of deplorable financial conditions. But just as becoming an employee is harder for women, so is becoming an entrepreneur. Well, the good news is that despite all the constraints, the number of women entrepreneurs has been increasing day-by-day, also they have been particularly successful. At a global level, about 126 million women are running their own businesses and whereas in India, about 8 million women have started their own businesses. This has been possible for every woman through the gender-responsive funds, programs to support SMEs, and strong advocacy to ensure women's entrepreneurship is prioritized in national policy making.

Going ahead, supporting women’s empowerment will definitely help to eliminate gender inequality, protect fundamental human rights, and bring considerable economic benefits. As India wants to build a successful country to develop a gender-responsive entrepreneurial ecosystem; we can only hope that soon it will be seen as the most entrepreneurial country in the world about achieving equality and give women the support and opportunities they deserve.

Let’s build on this momentum for change, as women entrepreneurs have a key role to play. Thus, this month, Insights Success has come up with the special issue “The 10 Most Creative Shepreneurs to Watch in 2019”.
Women are seen as leading active members but also holding strong portfolios in the public and private sectors. As gender equality has risen over the years, this would make a huge contribution to achieving sustainable development and reducing the poverty in India.

We have enrolled a passionate entrepreneurial figure, who has come up with the most unique solutions and building the unique path. Thus, we have featured a special story of Hema K, the Co-founder at DimenZion3 talent consulting LLP who is going beyond her talent with passion and curiosity. Meena Srinivasan, the Co-Founder & CEO at Scion Social who is one of the most sought after specialists in the emerging world of social media and the brightest mind working to deliver phenomenal results. Nirmala Kandalgaonkar, Chairperson at Vivam Agrotech—she is a real face of persistence and adaptability. And, she is the encouraging reminder to keep pursuing your goals–and succeed despite your age.
An ultra-modern leader, Surabhi Dewra, the Founder at CareerGuide—is one of the leading shepreneurs influencing and guiding young intellectuals to discover his/her true potential and interest. Pari Purohit, the Founder & Creative Director at Studio Glyph, who is showcasing the perfect blend of creativity and expertise.

Along with this, we have an exclusive ‘Interview with Insights Success’. In this interview, we get to understand one such creative and prolific entrepreneur, Shalini Gupta, the Founder and Director of Zorba Books which is one of India’s leading self-publishing organizations. Here, Shalini talk about their overall journey and the influences made by their firm, service offerings, winning honors, current and future perceptions.
This magazine includes leader’s thoughts as well. Shriya Kolte, the Founder at Imagination Inc.—a company addicted to design, providing comprehensive solutions to finer things; discusses the topic “Significance of having Women in Leadership Roles”.
The editor’s thoughts are also part of this magazine where they have made some amazing info-graphic article “In Search of Success.”
So, flip the pages of our magazine and explore interesting insights into the world of business!

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