Controversy about the 2012 Mayan prophecies and the end of the world predictions.Much has been made of the Mayan calendar and the Prophecies that are supposedly contained within it, most importantly the so called end of the world in 2012. But, are there in fact any 2012 Mayan Prophecies and if so do they really spell the end of life or even life as we know it?

For a moment let us consider the people who are making so much of these so called predictions of the Mayans concerning our future and the future of the world.

2012 Mayan Prophecies:

First, one should remember that when talking about the Mayans one is talking about an ancient group of people who ceased to exist around 900 A.D. The fact, that these people became extinct is important because these people did not "see" or predict the end of their own civilization.

If they could not predict such an important event as their own demise as a people why are doomsayers so ready to believe that these people could predict the demise of all cultures thousands of years in the future? It simply doesn't make sense.

Secondly scholars who have studies the 2012 Mayan predictions find that there is nothing in their calendar or in any of their writings that predicts the end of the world in 2012 or at any other time.

In fact the only prediction they do make is that 2012 will be a "Time of Transition from one world age to another." No knows exactly what this is supposed to mean however, those with vivid imaginations and a desire to make money from books, from pulpits, and from other sources have tailored this prediction to mean the end of the world in order to profit from these simple people who are no longer around to make clear their meaning.

2012 Mayan Prophecies:

The fact of the matter is that there have been doomsday predictions almost since time began and certainly in the 20th century such predictions sprang up numerous times. This has resulted in followers of those who predict such catastrophes to give up their money, their homes, and in some cases their health by living an unhealthy lifestyle and eating and drinking like there was no tomorrow while others locked themselves in their homes and prayed for deliverance.

Each and every time such predictions fail to come true there are people who are left with nothing because they gave up everything in order to be saved or squandered it on one last fling at life.

2012 Mayan Prophecies:

It is a sad thing to see in especially cases where people quit taking medications that keep them healthy or over indulge in foods that may harm their bodies and shorten their lives. The people who are fabricating the meaning of the Mayans words and so called predictions are certainly not concerned about the effect they are having on people's health and lives.

As long as they are making a profit they really don't care what happens to the countless people who believe their words. However, people should know and understand that even those educated scholars who have studied the Mayan civilization and culture as well as their calendars and so called Prophecies have no clear understanding of exactly what the Mayans believed the future to be.

So, instead of panicking over what may be, people should live each day as it comes and take care of themselves, their health, and their families.

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