Astrology and Mercury-Retrograde

When the planet Mercury travels in retrograde motion, there is a high probability of delays, communication problems, and issues (mentioned below). During retrograde, mistakes are likely. Use this time to complete unfinished business and explore your personal perceptions. During 2010, there are three retrograde periods; however, since we have a retrograde at the end of 2009 that carries into 2010, one could conclude there are four retrogrades for 2010.

Retrograde periods encourage us to change our thinking processes, refocus, and seek others along similar paths. They are a time to assess our careers, finances, and health. This is not a time to react, but to be proactive; thus new and creative ideas are called for (and will also surface).Mercury Retrograde provides us with the opportunity to adjust our thoughts, attitudes, and communication.

The outer world (communication) can suffer during this time requiring one to pay extra attention to communicating clearly with others. Mail can move more slowly or be lost; appointments are missed; and, misunderstandings are more common. Perform full system back-ups and anticipate technology breakdowns. In addition to backing up your important files, upgrade virus-protection software.

Before the retrograde is upon you, ensure your vehicle’s oil is taken care of, tires are in good working order, or take the vehicle in for a tune-up. Regarding travel arrangements -- validate then reconfirm.

Use the retrograde period to re-establish communication with former contacts; plan and prioritize projects; recycle; or detoxify. Avoid initiating new projects, surgery, grand openings, major purchases, or signing contracts while Mercury is retrograde. Past acquaintances are likely to turn up at this time – so don’t be surprised.

Go easy on yourself because breakdowns are likely. Schedule half of what you normally do to allow for delays. Use extra time to catch up but allow enough time to fix mistakes that surface so you don’t have to rearrange your schedule. Utilize this time to tweak, edit, reevaluate, rework, or repair whatever you’ve been procrastinating.

If you have clients or patients who cancel or reschedule, look inside (you or your processes) and consider one of the following as a lesson from this experience:
• Your schedule is too full and you need time to complete or address something.
• Someone needs your attention. Let the Universe know you have availability and the person in need will surface.

Mercury-retrograde periods are:

December 26, 2009 through January 15, 2010
April 18 through May 11
August 20 through September 12
December 10 through December 29

Retrograde energy is felt a couple weeks prior to and following actual retrograde periods. Again, be proactive and enjoy the ride. When things return to normal, resolve any issues and focus on moving forward.

Planetary Eclipses -- Lunar (LE) and Solar (SE)

Eclipses tend to signal significant change and new information. They can sometimes signal a stressful time, mainly due to the shift in circumstances that may occur. Try to avoid making important decisions during an eclipse as the energy around you will tend to be unsettled and changeable.

Solar eclipses (SE) are closely associated with new beginnings and their effects can last up to one year. Lunar eclipses (LE) are associated with completion or endings and their effects can last up to six months. We may start to experience an eclipse up to 30 days prior to the event, and no two eclipses are alike (based on patterns, aspects, degrees, etc.). Some eclipses affect us more than others based on our birth charts. It’s wise to consult an astrologer, which usually proves to be a good investment. It's also wise to wait at least a week for things to settle after an eclipse before making any important or final decisions.

December 31, 2009 = LE
January 15, 2010 = SE

These eclipses have to do with change and responsibility—what I call breakdown to breakthrough. A scenario--one person can no longer meet the demand, which increases another person’s responsibility. While this may be overwhelming for a time, the second person will grow from the experience (personally and financially).

June 26 = LE
July 11 = SE

The same is true of these eclipses (breakdown to breakthrough). Issues that have been dragging on may take a sudden dip for the worse, and then the light shines through. Feeling this sense of relief, it’s important not to relish in it; in other words, this is not a time to go all giddy or let our defenses down (return to the ways that got us here). There were lessons to be learned and put into action.

December 21 = LE
January 4, 2011 = SE
This series of eclipses have to do with groups or masses of people coming together toward a common goal. Ensure gains outweigh losses, and there may be a few who will try to use this energy for their own purpose.

Moon Cycles

The new moon is a positive, motivational time for initiating new beginnings and projects. The full moon is a time for completion and endings. Consider starting projects and signing contracts between full and new moons (we can provide your best energy days). Avoid scheduling elective surgery during a full moon as you will tend to bleed more. However, planting on the full moon is known to produce better crops.

More specific astrologic moon signs help with your strategies and activities. When the moon goes into a specific sign, that energy lasts at least two days. As examples, the moon in:

• Aries brings enthusiasm and new ideas. Avoid impulsive acts.
• Taurus focuses on finances, strategies, and the senses. Stubborn tendencies surface.
• Gemini is a time to learn something new. We can be a bit slap happy.
• Cancer centers on nurturing relationships. Trust your intuition.
• Leo invokes creativity and self expression. Is the lion willful or noble?
• Virgo conveys logic and improvements.
• Libra negotiates ensuring fairness. Ensure there is closure.
• Scorpio likes intrigue and power. Good time for transformational work.
• Sagittarius is visionary and joyful. Good time for goal setting.
• Capricorn adds structure and foundation to important goals.
• Aquarius initiates radical ideas and community efforts. The future is now.
• Pisces inspires. When we come from love and light, we change the future (but commit finances during another moon cycle).

This level of detail is provided in our date analyses. For the purposes of this article, below are 2010 Full Moons (FM) and New Moons (NM) for the Eastern time zone:

Full Moon/New Moon
Jan 30/Jan 15
Feb 28/Feb 13
Mar 29/Mar 15
Apr 28/Apr 14
May 27/May 13
Jun 26/Jun 12
Jul 25/Jul 11
Aug 24/Aug 9
Sep 23/Sep 8
Oct 22/Oct 7
Nov 21/Nov 6
Dec 21/Dec 5

If you have a personal calendar that lists first-quarter moons, make note that these can be challenging times. Persevere and take action. During last-quarter moons, bring tasks to a close and reflect on lessons learned. Don’t start anything during either of these periods.

Remember that if you are planning something important, we have several tools to help you be more successful and improve your experience. Call for a free telephone consult today!

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Diana Garber has several decades of experience in environmental energy and risk management. Her company, Intuitive Concepts, was founded in 1998. She has a unique blend of talents which include business executive, senior project manager; former Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP); Myers-Briggs; classically-trained Feng Shui practitioner, and graduate of Landmark Education.

In her former position, Diana was Vice President of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery at Bank One. Her responsibilities entailed 70,000 employees, 65,000 workstations and 2,500 servers. She helped to run command centers for the NY terrorist attack; Hurricanes Lili and Isidore; tornadoes that devastated cities, floods of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers; Y2K; and much more.