2009 may be a journey to see the hidden sides of ourselves and others, when it comes to relationships. Personal, professional and global.

Because 2009 starts with a 2, the vibrational frequency of relationships and totals to a 2, also the frequency of the emotions. You may be noticing some emotional eruptions in your relationships. Since the vibration of 2 is also the aspect of Negative and Positive. We may be finding our positive selves shining a whole new and stronger light onto our negative selves, just incase there are still any hidden skeletons in our closets. You may suddenly find yourself noticing the way you behave in a relationship is not your intention, yet you watch yourself go ahead anyway. You may have done this a million times and not thought anything of this, but this year you are going to see if your thoughts & actions are really working for you or not. The 9 at the end of this year is making us really take stock and know what is absolutely no longer needed for the coming new 9 year cycle.

The millennia started as a 2000=2, and we have now completed a full 9 yr cycle to 2009=11/2. The past 9yrs were really about bringing in the yearly leading frequency number of 2000 to the physical plane, all of us now know, if we are conscious of it or not, how the 2 energy vibrates in our life. This year will bring that 2 vibrational frequency up another notch by grounding it in on the emotional plane.

So again! Suppressed emotions in your subconscious memory, that you have been storing in your body your whole life (cause that is where they go when you stuff them down), will be rising up and out for you to take a look at. This can mean, depending on your personal yearly cycle, that emotions can run high in yourself and others. Best to be Patience with the world at large this year! And view these moments as aspects of the inner child releasing the hidden, the balancing of masculine/feminine, past/present unifying, and for those of you way out there...this means dimensional reunification of energy streams from all realities to within the whole of the body. It may be simple to grasp for some, but it may not be easy...as dualities sometimes tend to conflict prior to maintaining Harmony.

We also need to remember that we have completed 2000 yrs, and are actually living in the countdown of the 3rd Millennia, the 3000’s, which is represented as the trinity, expression, enjoyment. Backed up with the number 0, the God frequency or zero point. So both where we came from and where we are going is part of what we will be feeling on some level, and is important to the dualist healing of this years experiences.

Because 2009 also totals to the master number 11, which can represent a doorway or vision into a new world. Or a new part of ourself that can allow us to make stronger choices, perhaps ones that are for the Highest and Best of All involved. We will begin to see that it will no longer be just ourselves in the equation, empathy can begin to abound. This is a wonderful opportunity to awaken to the games we have played with Our-Self, and see the ones that keep us separate from our-true-Self and the world we are part of Creating.

By being open to have empathy for yourself and others, receptivity in communication with your subconscious, conscious and the world at large. You can find a balancing of opposite frequencies, and alignments of those that have held you back. You may find doors begin to open and soul-aligned dreams unfolding to become true! Somewhere in your journey of this master year, you may be surprised to find the depths of your inner mystic, or have a new Christ-like love for the world. As you step up to become part of a light at the end of a very long tunnel!

Author's Bio: 

Jaclyne Wachell is an Empathic Numerologist and so much more! Presently living in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. With her natural gift of intuition and supports clients throughout Canada and the United States.