Well 2008 is here and is rushing by us as fast as it came. So far this year has been crazy I would have to say this is my first time sitting down and breathing! So much as has changed and so much is to come this year.
I am so excited about school this semester I am taking 15 credit hours and I am busier than ever. I am also starting my volunteer work tomorrow at The Good Samaritan. More to come on this in the future. I am enjoying meeting new people at CNM this semester.
Business is off to a GREAT start this year! Huge organizational change this year; we have come together "As One" as The Perseverance Group which has branched off on their own new adventure. www.theperseverancegroup.com
A little bit about The Perseverance Group, I am included in this group if you do not know me or my work. We are a Co-Op of Network Marketers that have come together to help ourselves as well as others to become financially free! We use Network Marketing as our vehicle. The only thing different about us is, that we are not loyal to just one company. We actually use two different vendors (network marketing companies) for our personal and financial needs. Visit My Website One company is a health and wellness company www.kamirenteria.isagenix.com and the other is a travel company www.voyageone.com. With these two companies and The Perseverance Group paving the way of the future Millionaires it will be easier then ever to become financially free. This is so exciting!
The next event I will be attending will be March to Miracles in Dallas, TX from Feb.29-March 2, 2008. This will be a very powerful event as it is the first time in 2008 The Perseverance Group will be coming together under the same roof. We are honored the Dr. Lance Wallnau will be our special guest speaker this year. www.lancelearning.com He is absolutely amazing! Other than that we are building our organization faster and stronger than we have ever built be for!
My new website is up please subscribe to my mailing list to keep up with my new journey this year! Visit My Website if you need to contact me feel free to email me at schatz_kami@yahoo.com.
Working on becoming Financially Free at 24,
Kami Renteria

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I started using netwok marketing to pay the bills when I was a single mom. I never knew what God had in store for me. This is awesome I am twenty-four years old with nine years in child care and seven years in network marketing. I am now a full time netwok marketer with plans to not only get a degree in Life-Coaching Psychology but also to become a multi-millionaire in network marketing.