Creative people develop new opportunities.

Which parent does not dream of a good future for his child. A good job, a glamorous career. Successful people are generally creative. Creativity not only has to do with art. The science and business world also need creative people. Creative people have an eye for new opportunities. They see something new (a solution to a problem) or think something new, after which they create or execute.

A talent alone is not enough.

When someone signs or acts properly, this does not automatically mean that he is creative too. But there is a talent at all. This talent is stimulated by a child by taking part in a sports club, singing lessons or theater. The art is also to stimulate creativity so that the person can truly blink in his talent.

Creative people have more self-confidence.

Because creative people can view "problems" from different angles, they can become successful and often also have more self-confidence; After all, there is always a solution. They are less afraid, have the courage and dare to act in public. They continue, even though their surroundings find their idea or plan so strange.

Creativity does not need to be learned;

You have to stimulate it. Every person is born creatively. Each child always tries to solve things by one - for him - new way. Because of the education, which is often taught to think as everyone thinks (this is what your sister needs to do, you should do that), a piece of creativity will be lost. When the creative development is insufficiently stimulated, someone will become less and less creative. He has not mastered the ability to be creative. So important is to stimulate children's creativity.

20 tips to stimulate children's creativity:

  • Give a child the space to experiment and discover in a challenging environment. (Let them think of their own recipe or game.)
  • Provide many materials for experimentation. These can be free materials, such as empty boxes, for example.
  • Do not be afraid of a mess in your home. (Are you afraid of that? Good news: You can also clean a child!)
  • Allow children with different materials at the same time, if they wish. (Why should the lego be cleared when playing the Playmobil?)
  • Show interest in what a child has made and also get an eye on the creative process. is the best option to start with because here your child can create awesome Avatars for free.
  • Encourage a child to make a decision.
  • Give a child time to think about something.<.li>
  • Let a child form his own opinion.
  • Give a child the space to make mistakes.
  • Take your child and his/her ideas seriously.
  • Let a child be himself and do not compare him with others.
  • Respond positively to a child's creative ideas (though it seems impossible for you).
  • Do not approve anything but ask questions like: Why do you do that? Why do you choose that color?
  • Have a child dreaming a day.
  • Provide a place where your child can be alone (to daydream).
  • Use humor and do something different than otherwise.
  • Let a child move a lot (outside). Most creative ideas arise during a walk, bike ride or seeing something you're up against.
  • Do not fill any free time with a fun activity or visit an association, but give a child the space to imagine what it's going to do. Due to births, a child is just challenged to be creative. (Creative people never bore themselves.)
  • Do not be black and white and judge not too fast. You can say that you do not know anything. This is an incentive for children to go exploring.
  • Make a child involved regularly in "nothing" things, by playing it with blocks or by crafting.

Ask yourself what a child does not like all of you and why not. The fact that you prohibit your child from just walking up the road is logical, but why his body does not bend in some strange way if you are talking to someone on the street?

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Misty Jhones