Food can be the best way to lose weight permanently. In fact, now nutritionists are adopting new methods to make weight loss possible through change in diet.
Dieting has lost its value and relevance. It provides only a short term solution that also comes with various side effects, like weakness, losses of nutrition, and creates deficiencies of so many vital nutrients, which we need on a daily basis. Certain food can be used to shed weight for certain foods that long to digest, which helps to cut overeating and unhealthy cravings. Let us see some food that helps us in shedding weight.
Eggs are low in calories. One medium sized egg has only 78 calories. You can increase intake of eggs at breakfast without fear of gaining weight. There is fear in some people that eggs increase cholesterol formation in arteries. However, recent studies have not supported the common belief that eggs increase cholesterol levels. If you have a cholesterol issue, you can eat only white portion of egg.
Green vegetables
Spinach, kale, collards and broccoli are low in calories. Just 23 calories are available in 100 gram of spinach. In fact, in addition to weight lose; you can also get a lot of other benefits from green leafy vegetables. Spinach increases blood circulation because it is nitrate rich food.
Beans are a great source of protein and give the feeling of filling, which means that they are slow to digest. They keep you full for several hours which stop you from eating anything before meal time. This way, they can help you to reduce intake of calories to keep you on the goal of weight loss.
Fish is one of the best ways to shed weight for non vegetarian people. Salmon 100gram has only 208 calories, which are due to protein and health fats. The omega 3 fatty acid in fish clears arteries of any cholesterol and deposits of fatty substances. The fish is also high in potassium, selenium, copper and phosphorus, which ensure that with less diet you are getting vital nutrients.
Cruciferous vegetables
These are the best source of food to shed weight without reducing diet. Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts come under the cruciferous category. These vegetables are high in fiber with fewer calories. You can fill your stomach with these vegetables to reduce the need for eating anything for the next many hours.

Lean beef and chicken breast
Meat and chicken are considered high fat sources, but when you are on a weight losing mission, you need to ensure that you have lean beef and chicken breast. Leaf beef will cut many calories and fat that usually beef has. Chicken has little fat, only 165 calories in 100grams of it.
Boiled potatoes
Potatoes have a good amount of fiber and only 87 calories in 100grams. They also keep you full for several hours without feeling the need for anything to eat. In addition, you keep blood pressure low because of low sodium content of potatoes. But keep away from potato chips and French fries because of their high calories and sodium content.
A San Diego clinic in America observed that people who took just half a grapefruit before meal shed their weight on an average of 3 pounds in 3 months. Drinking the juice of the fruit also produces the same effect. Vitamin C in fruit also ensures protection from harmful free radicals to blood vessels and acts as antioxidant.
When you are cutting calories in food, you need to include soup in your diet. But I prefer homemade soup, which is healthy and has more water content and less sodium. The water content of the soup fills the stomach, which ensures that you eat less. Avoid addition of creams or oils to soup to get the best results.
Cottage cheese has only 98 calories in 100grams. You can add it to the diet without fear of weight gain. It also provides you vitamin B 12, B6, and phosphorus and calcium. With less food, you need to ensure that the body is getting all the nutrients that are vital for smooth function. Cheese maintains blood sugar level and improves your digestion as well.
It is a nutrient dense fruit with low calories, but has healthy fats and fiber. 100gram of the fruit will have only 168 calories. You can consume it in salads, make sandwiches, or with eggs. Their rich nutritional value will never lead to deficiency of any mineral during weight lose days. Avocados are also recommended to males, by experts as part of natural remedies, who depend on Generic Levitra 40 mg. It improves the erection process.

Whole grains
Whole grain with their higher fiber content helps you in weight loss. Fiber keeps the stomach full for several hours. You do not eat as there is no feeling of hunger, which leads to faster weight lose. Fiber also improves digestion and curb blood sugar levels. Those with type 2 diabetes using Glucobay 100 mg can control diabetes better with a healthy diet.

Chili pepper
Capsaicin in chili pepper increases heart rate and blood flow, which leads to increase in metabolism. Increased metabolism induces fat burning, thus leading to weight lose. With spicy food, your chances of overeating are low.
apples , berries , pineapple , and star fruits , etc are low in calories , but high in fiber , which keeps you full for a longer period of time , thus eliminating the need for unhealthy snacks before meals . You also get vitamins and minerals for a health weight loss program.
This fruit has fewer calories than other fruits. You find only 42 calories in 100grams. You also get an excellent source of vitamin C in the form of grapefruit. The fruit is full of micronutrients, which you need when you are eating less food.
Chia seeds
The higher fiber content of seeds keeps the stomach full to avoid need for eating before meal time. It also has omega 3 fatty acid, calcium, iron and antioxidants to keep you healthy even with low food intake. But take chia seeds as part of a balanced diet to get fiber requirements. It should not be used as the main meal.
Coconut oil
This oil has medium chain triglycerides, which trigger metabolism to help you burn fat. The whole idea is that people with higher metabolism are thinner compared to people with slow metabolism. However, do not use coconut oil in cooking for it has higher calories content. Only use organic, unrefined, virgin coconut oil for weight loss.
Low fat yogurt has fewer calories besides a lot of health benefits. It gives you a healthy gut, which improves digestion. Experts believe that full fat yogurt with low sugar content is more beneficial in weight lose than low fat with high sugar.
The fiber content of the apple takes time to get digested. It keeps you full for several hours. Some people eat one apple after another, whenever they feel hungry to gain rapid weight loss; however, you can add an apple with a balanced diet to get the desired benefits.
The higher fiber content gives you capacity to increase meal time, which helps you to reduce weight. Add them to snacks, or consume with breakfast to get the benefits.
Similar to nut butters, nuts like almonds are a great high fat snack or topping to add a small boost of nutrition while keeping you satisfied. Plus, almonds are the highest fiber nut, giving them even more staying power.

There is no single food which you need to take to shed weight. But you have a wide range of food items and fruits to make the best diet plan with the help of a professional dietician. It is easy to maintain weight lose and sustain the gains permanently with diet change and healthy lifestyle. Pick the fruits and food that you like to make an individual plan for weight loss.

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