These days, homeowners prefer more welcoming open kitchens featuring a free flowing design that seamlessly integrates with the dining and family living area. A kitchen has always been the heart of a home; now with open plan designs it’s once again at the centre of decor planning in apartments and houses.


The kitchen floor can transform a kitchen’s décor; below are a few trending design ideas for open plan kitchen floors.


This dark wood floor is classic and timeless. With timber look porcelain tiles, you can create the same elegance that is durable and easy to maintain.

The above image is of an open living space with minimalist industrial décor, beautifully created by concrete flooring. Perfect for apartments of small houses.

Capturing a traditional kitchen décor with a contemporary open style, go for marble flooring in a soft shade.

Stone look porcelain tiles in shades of glossy grey are perfect for adding a touch of glamour into your open living and dining space.

This beautiful open kitchen with a backyard view uses muted earthy tones and a basket weave layout pattern on the floor with matte finish ceramic tiles.

For a distinct pop of colour in a white-themed open kitchen, use patterned tiles for a gorgeous floor.

Check out this resplendent earthy country style kitchen design with brick red hexagonal tiles.

Patterned floor tiles or tiles with geometric or Moroccan design can spruce up any minimalist kitchen.

Chevron tile flooring can bring a grungy, old-world edge to minimalist décor.

Geometric tiles work like magic towards creating a dreamy bohemian décor.

This kitchen uses an unexpected splash of shiny green flooring to brighten up the open space, giving it a touch of summer year-round.

You can bring a rustic touch to your modern open kitchen by using handcrafted stone tiles on the floor.


stone countertops. This farmhouse style kitchen décor that can be created anywhere.

If you are on the lookout for a strong Spanish influence in your open kitchen, take inspiration from this kitchen that uses antique look Latin American-style floor tiles laid out in a basket weave pattern.

Bask in country style simplicity in this classic earthy rustic vintage kitchen with hexagonal stone look floor tiles.

If you are using bright coloured furnishings to create a contemporary open kitchen, you can choose plain white medium sized tile slabs with black grout to accentuate fixture colour.

Transitioning floors are fast becoming a trend in accentuating open space décor. The greenery in the kitchen makes the space feel livelier.

This classic industrial style open kitchen uses greyish marble flooring, matching ash coloured cabinets.

Glossy timber look tiles used in this kitchen perfectly accentuate natural lighting and a soft pastel colour palette.

Terracotta tiles are rising in popularity. They look quite chic when used in an airy vintage style open kitchen.

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