13. The strength to maintain your independence: Independent acting for most tasks in life is a prerequisite. If the ability to develop this fails, success at school and later professional success may be at high risk. Even in teamwork independent work and thinking is expected. People with success orientation rely primarily on themselves, they act naturally and confidently taking the responsibility for their actions.

14. The strength to overcome personal difficulties: Personal crises usually affect all areas of life, even professional life. Performance-oriented people have realized, that it was not the right way to avoid personal difficulties as well as unpleasant situations, yet they separate their work and private life as much as possible.

15.The ability to concentrate on your goals: Intelligence is not a prerequisite for concentration. Many people never manage to get some time to focus only on one thing. Success-oriented persons are able to focus without too much trouble on the important things. They know the conditions under which they can operate most effectively, and provide this to their own advantage.

16. The ability to find the right balance between overload and under load for themselves: Too much ambition can be harmful: Who is overrated and exacts too much, will hardly achieve his/her goals despite dedication and hard work. Just as harmful may be under-challenged, as personal qualities are not used as they should be, and in addition opportunities may be missed. People with a winning spirit know how to use their capacities best and also share their time to improve performance correctly.

17. The strength to develop patience in waiting is rewarded: In order to achieve success you need to see it as a lengthy process using the legitimate desire for appropriate recognition, even if the reward is for a long time often ignored. This desire brings many people to participate only in tasks that are to be realized in a relatively short time, while larger, longer-term projects are designed to remain unrealized. Although people with successful intelligence perceive the small rewards of life, however, they focus primarily on the things that give them the greatest long-term achievement.

How are you getting along to implement these points?

They are important if we are a freelance, an entrepreneur or even an employee. However, everyone who applies for a job can use these points to further develop his/ her strengths.

Author's Bio: 

Angela Schulz-Henke is a success and business coach. She loves to see her clients thrive and live a fulfilled life.
Her mentor is John Assaraf, Bob Proctor, Bruce Lipton and for marketing Chris Cardell and Michael Gerber.
She just founded a Business Coaching Company with another lady to coach small companies and people who want to set up their own business or improve their business in a rapid changing market.
She is teaching jobless people to return into an active and responsible life.