GPS tracking is indispensable for any successful fleet management system. GPS tracking guarantees the visibility of the vehicles and tracking the exact location of any vehicle. It works through the satellite navigational system which previously was only accessible to a country’s defense ministry. Now accessibility of this system for public has opened a large perspective for the businessmen who operate through their fleet. GPS vehicle tracking is highly beneficial for managing a fleet. There are 25 benefits of GPS fleet tracking discussed by the experts.

1. Safety from Theft
Off track vehicle can easily be detected through this system. Detection and retrieval of stolen vehicle is made possible by using this system.

2. Save the Fuel
Saving of the fuel is the biggest advantage of GPS fleet tracking. GPS tracking helps in improving the drivers’ performance and efficiency and speed limit performance resulting in big fuel savings. When being monitored with the proper record system drivers can not take the vehicle off route or use the vehicle for their own purposes, therefore owners get a big saving on fuels.

3. Proper Monitoring 24/7
GPS vehicle tracking offers a 24/7 monitoring of the vehicle. The user can check on the location anytime he wishes to. Thus, it provides with proper access to the operations of the fleet.

4. Insurance Benefits
Insurance companies prefer to deal with the companies who are using GPS tracking for their fleet management because these vehicles are easily traceable and hard to be stolen. Many insurance companies give up to 30% discounts on such vehicles.

5. Improving Driver Behavior
When the drivers know that their movements are being watched then they are not likely to take unnecessary breaks and rest time while working. Many drivers work on hourly bases, so GPS tracking is a must tin this situation so that the employer can know the movements and work time of the drivers.

6. Easy to Use
GPS fleet management is very easy use. It can be used on a mobile conveniently. Moreover, there are specific tools to use in the management software which can be used according to the need of the user.

7. Maintenance Alerts
GPS vehicle tracking system enables the user to keep the maintenance of the vehicle up to the mark. The user can set alarms according to the mileage of the vehicle, In this way the user is notified through messages and emails to follow the certain maintenance procedure.
8. Less Down Time

Improved driver behavior and proper and timely maintenance results in better performance of the vehicle. When the vehicle is properly used and maintained it can spend more time on road bringing in more profit for the company. Lesser downtime means increased profits.

9. More Power for the Employer
Access to proper monitoring and vigilance bestow upon the employer a sense of complete control. Through GPS tracking the employer can monitor the performance of his crew and control them efficiently.

10. Say Good bye the Logs
GPS fleet management keeps all the logs and records of the vehicles so its time to say good bye to the old and tiresome log work. With this system there is no need for the managers to work hours to keep the log of all the operations. It also helps to record of the schedules, exact time of departure arrival, routes taken, and time taken on a certain course.

11. Easy Payment Management
As GPS tracking system keeps the log of all the activity and working hours of the employees that is why it makes convenient for the employer to generate salaries and even decide for the bonuses, keeping in view the performance of the drivers.

12. Better Customer Service
GPS tracking makes it possible to locate the exact location of any vehicle and thus, a customer can be told when to expect their delivery. Even in any delays prompt information to the customer ensue reliability. This active customer care and information system and apt information increase the customer trust.

13. Appropriate Billing
Some customers pay on the hourly bases of their delivery and GPS vehicle tracking shows the exact time on the billing hours. The accurate billing saves the unwanted arguments with the customers.

14- Efficient Scheduling
Scheduling the routes according the expectations of the customers is very hectic. But with GPS tracking system the estimate route timings of previous visits can help in scheduling deliveries.

15- Helps in Emergency
Emergencies are expected while the vehicle is on the road. Through GPS system the location of the vehicle can be notified instantly in case of emergencies, and the help can be send to exact location.

16-Financial Optimization
GPS vehicle tracking has an extensive log data and with it a company can optimize their financial loss and profit management and employ their assets on more profitable routes.

17- Vehicle Safety
GPS fleet management system informs the user with the timely alarms if the vehicle goes out of the set course. Moreover, it is possible to stop the vehicle remotely if the user thinks it’s going off course. Therefore, it offers ultimate safety.

18-Become Successful
By employing the efficient routes and management through GPS fleet an owner can compete with it rival companies and be useful. A thriving and profitable business is what GPS fleet tracking system have in mind with its operations.

19-Be More Efficient
To be in control of the entire business, employees, scheduling and customer dealing in efficient way is what an employer ever wants. Efficiency is the key to success and GPS tracking offers the same.

20-Saving Time
A business man has to spend a lot of time on multiple systems and managerial issues, phone calls and keeping logs but GPS tracking system saves time, hassle and money, So, save your important time and spend it on constructive work.

So, there are numerous advantages of GPS vehicle tracking. This is an essential management system for any successful fleet company.

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