In a working environment where multiple people from multiple backgrounds are working together, conflicts are common and there could be a large amount of time wasted in trying to resolve the differences. So many companies have shut down themselves because of the differences between people and it can cause massive damage. Sarah Lazow has personally felt how difficult it is to run a film producing company without good team bonding among the various working professionals. It took a lot of time and effort and some initiatives that helped in improving the team bonding. 

Every organization must try to take upon the challenges and initiate a few changes that would help in improving the team bonding. There are few things that can be done to make sure that everyone understands each other’s working patterns, is able to keep aside the differences and working together as a team. Here are 2 things that can be done:

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  • Initiate team targets and rewards

In a typical organization, the employees are provided with individuals tasks that comes with goals to complete. After the tasks have been completed successfully, the employee is provided with a reward that substantiates his or her hard work. In such situations, the organization needs to adopt methods that can reduce the discord between the working members and bring in tea coordination. To do that the management needs to find tasks that can be given to a team and that can bring in team task completion rewards. Sarah Lazow states that it can help in significantly improving the coordination between the team members and reduces their differences between each other. 

  • Incorporate team games 

Working 9-5 every day can be strenuous not only for the team members but the organization as well. When things become boring for the employees they start thinking about job change and also become distanced from the goals of the organization. In such situations, the organization can organize some team games and activities that can help in making things less boring at work. The whole team can participate in these games and play along with each other to improve coordination among team members. They can also play against each other which can significantly improve the feelings of healthy competition amongst the team members. 

Sarah Lazow has been organizing many team activities for her film production company where all the employees are made to feel more relaxed. She states that it can help in making them valued in the company and they also can get over their Monday Blues easily.

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