Everybody aspires to have a smooth clear complexion, but occasionally we are subject to harsh environments, acne, and injury leaving us with a permanent visual reminder that our skin and body is not perfect. Unfortunately the best way to prevent scarring is to avoid situations that may give us imperfections in our skin in the first place, but the reality is, that is not always possible.

Treatment of scarring is something that is very important for a lot of people, in particular facial scarring. With the right kinds of treatment, most people feel a lot better about their appearance giving them an increased sense of confidence, self esteem and more acceptance with the way that they look.

To treat scars effectively one should start looking at ways to reduce them as soon as they could potentially appear. This means that we should avoid the natural inclination to poke, prod, squeeze and pick at any part of our body that is trying to heal. If a scar is likely to appear the next step would be to start a skin care treatment that cleanses and moisturizes to help aid your body in the healing process.

There are many different kinds of scars, some of which you may or may not be familiar with, however the most common ones include ice pick scars, which are deep pitted scars often associated with acne, Rolling scars, which have a visual appearance of waves on the skin, Box car scars that are similar to chicken pox scars (and are usually on the temples and cheeks), as well as hypertrophic scars which are of a thickened surface keloid type.

Some treatments can be quite expensive, so many people will opt to look for home remedies or something that they can buy fairly inexpensively over the counter at the local pharmacy. Others may wish to simply cover them up without actually getting rid of them altogether. An effective foundation or camouflage solution can drastically improve ones skin appearance, covering up many different kinds of skin defects. If this the option that you would like to choose, make sure you use a foundation that is non-acnegenic and that matches your skin tone correctly.

One effective topical solution to aid scars, particularly acne is to use tretinoin, which is a treatment you can buy over the counter. This works by exfoliation, encouraging collagen production leading to a healthier and gentler look on the skin. It may also help to fade any scars caused by acne previously.

A more expensive treatment that you may consider is a chemical peel. A chemical peel is a solution that causes dead skin cells to peel away from the skin, allowing new skin cells to appear on the surface, thus giving the skin a smoother and less wrinkled appearance. It is possible to do this yourself, but there are some risks involved and it is better to get a dermatologist or skin care professional to assess your needs and perform the procedure.

These are just a few different techniques to help you with scarring of all types, however there is a lot more you should know, in particular if you are one of many people who have scars left over from acne. You can discover more at what you can do to get rid of acne scars by visiting http://lightenacnescars.org where you can follow a 7 step proven scar removal system.

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