Though the two terms translation and interpretation are often used interchangeably, they are not synonymous at all. While translation refers to transferring the meaning between two different languages in a written form, interpretation does the same thing in a spoken form.

A translator gets time and has access to useful resources such as glossaries and dictionaries so that he or she can produce an accurate, true and faithful verbal artifact or document. A verbal artifact is produced for recorded text. If you are looking for effective translation services for your business requirements, here are two merits offered by a good translation service provider.

· Such a provider should make it mandatory that all translation services are provided by only native speaking translators who have all the relevant technical experience in this field and the required experience to meet the requirements of the audience.

· A service provider should provide translations services that are recognized world-wide from several chambers, embassies, government agencies and embassies. It supports all types of file formats and any language combination.

Globibo translation services will offer you all these benefits and much more. Contact us for more details on how our translate services can meet your business needs.

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