For some people, it has already been a legendary belief that to grow one's hair is easy and therefore they do not bother too much asking about "how to make your hair grow faster and longer." This may be attributed to the fact that during the earlier times, people would just resort to use of natural herbs and vitamins to grow their locks.

These include simply gathering some Aloe Vera leaves from their backyards and taking out the gelatinous substance to massage to their scalp and hair strands. Or perhaps taking out some coconuts from the trees, cooking the flesh of the coconut to extract the oil and eventually apply to the scalp deeply massaging the oil to achieve fuller or thicker, longer and more beautiful hair.

But then nowadays, life is more complicated; it is impossible for any one not to go through some anxieties and worries that build up into high levels of stress.

Such stress can actually be enough to trigger one not to grow hair all of a sudden. For this, the more you will need to take care of your mane. Here are just a few hair care tips you might be interested in and follow to make your hair grow faster and longer:

1. Live Healthy

To live healthy can be very encompassing so it would be best to dissect such statement further. To live healthy would mean to eat healthy, take some vitamins, get the right amount of sleep, drink lots of water each day, ensure that you take the adequate rest, have low levels of stress by avoiding worries and anxieties and getting the most appropriate exercises that your body needs.

Maybe you are asking why you need to do all these things when you are actually just trying to grow hair! Keep in mind that your hair needs everything that a healthy body has in order to g row. Otherwise, if you choose to live an unhealthy life - a life without any discipline, then expect that your hair will continue to fall out and you might eventually turn out bald. Now surely you wouldn't want that!

2. Use Defensive Styling

This only means that even if you regularly style your tresses, you will still need to make it a point that you properly care for your hair. Throw your electric appliances and hair gadgets away especially those that can cause more harm than good to your locks. These would have to include those hair dryers or blowers that you use to dry your hair up. Instead, pat dry after taking a bath. Never rub your hair strands against the towel as this is a bad hair practice which you should start living without.

Dispose of your hair straightening appliances because the heat will only cause further dryness and brittleness to your tresses. They can only straighten them for a short time, but then the damage is in fact, more long-term. Take these two hair care techniques shared with you very seriously and you will be surprised to find results in just a very short time!

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