Have you asked yourself “What is going on?” Especially on those days you find yourself waking up possessed by a strange New Age schizophrenic mind that at one moment, tells you that ‘You are happy!’; making you smile and stretch out your arms eagerly to embrace the sunlight and your day! Then in the very next moment, a devilish other fear-based mind, says 'No, you are not!’ and then you just as suddenly feel overwhelmed by anxiety and dread; of scary things that you have no conscious name for; till you cry and pull the blankets up over your head…proclaiming in a trembling whimper or shout ‘It’s too hard!’? Change can hurt!

And what about your/our biological/genetic clock's role in ensuring change? Isn't it also telling you/us that in order to survive as a human being(s), as a species, it is time to/for change! Have you asked yourself today “What is making me want to stay where I am, and, want to go forward at the same time?” Is the back and forth energetic momentum of it all, driving you crazy or at the very least “getting on your very last nerve”?

Touch me, see me, feel me! What about “human sensory/social needs? This engagement of the five and even six senses that gives us such great solace and joy! How does it impact the ability to change?

Raise your hand; if you are willing to admit to your spending an inordinate amount of time looking, wishing for a solution outside of your own inner knowing! You know; like the numerous times you have looked for those premade convenient “extraneous” causes, groups, religions, political ideologies that you “wanted and needed” to trust to be perfect in supporting your way of being in the world. In a bit of a lazy kind of way; you half consciously/almost blindly joined in with others as they cried out for “justice!” It did not matter whether you could donate a lot of energy, time or resources to the chosen outer cause, as long as you could read about it, or see it, in some definable glory with your own two eyes. Yes, it is a hard thing to admit to yourself, or the world, that it did not truly matter what the banner read that they carried in the front of their march; as long as you could find some comfort in being with others that you had a warm feeling toward; and hopefully vice versa! Then dovetailing on this wonderful extrinsic pastime is your dedication to sacrificing your-self to solving everyone's problems...you know when "Everyone else problems become your emergencies!" I am going to say two things here. Firstly, you owe it to yourself to protect and honor your own sense of being and your faithful body/avatar; that has served you to the best of his or her ability all the years you have been alive. Your body is tired; let it rest! Your mind is tired; ditto! In some cases, your soul is more than tired, it is exhausted! Please understand and take this with a grain of salt, "your healing, salvation and redemption is just as important, or more, as anyone else's.” Secondly, as wonderful as you are, you have already been told in very many ways the stark fact that “you are only as good and helpful to others as you are cleared and healed yourself!”

And while we are being super honest here, will you admit that often you want change but change is hard! So, what is so hard about changing? After all, you have read all the right books, taken all the empowerment classes, meditated and/or prayed until your heart “hath bled”…so what is the deal? Why is it so hard to let go of the “old you” and embrace the new idea of you, that you so dearly want to create and hold…to walk the talk and just be? Maybe it is because you/we all just need more real-time or tangible help with putting the pieces of “The Big Picture” together; as to what that change should look like. You certainly don’t want to make a mistake in judgment here…too much is at stake! Where are the real sages and teachers when you can’t afford to pay the tuition or service fees?
Yes, fully/consciously participating in change is exhausting; and your designer personality (the one that you created as an overlay to help you be OK in the world) more often than not, fights your true/divine spirit every step of the way!

So what else is new? What is new is you’re asking yourself “How long can you avoid going inside to “the silence” of the inner-voice of unconditional love and acceptance of all that you truly are…all that we truly are! How long before you go inside and find hidden unchangeable/immutable truths given to you via Divine Grace? Yes, it requires a leap of faith off a mountain of familiar ways of being into an abyss of unknown promising realities. With only the two cousins, Trust and Faith, to maintain our conviction, you will “digress not” into the temptation to retreat back into the safety of the old and outmoded ways of our societies. Change is going to come, with or without your or our participation. The questions always are “How much do you/we want to participate with The Divine Heart and Mind of God, The Creator of All Things Great and Small, Our True Higher Being, in the designing of the parameters of that change?” and “Are we willing to do the “hard” work to become fit and able, and of sound heart and mind, to make the changes that you/we all innately crave deep inside. “For this is the sacred place where only the smallest child knows and can thrive…the place where the small ego is still too young to govern our thoughts and lives!” For you, I know that “the change” has already occurred; be quiet and feel it; embrace it as your own!

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Marie Dolores McCohnell, M.S. Owner/Consultant,
FOOD FOR HEARTS, Holistic Health, Wellness and Education Consultants.
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Marie has a B.A. Degree in Psychology and a M.S. Degree in the Education of The Gifted. She has assisted in ushering in new attitudes toward children and the way they prefer to learn and play into the school systems. Children and their natural born gifts are her focus as well as holistic health and wellness for all. As a God-Centered six sensory/telepathic communicator, she has spent over forty-three years providing spiritual and life-path mentoring and counseling to adults and their children. Marie has also successfully acted in the role of a medical/health intuitive. She has received formal training and/or is certified in many health centered modalities including; reflexology, aroma therapy, quantum life-force meditation; mental and spiritual health education, mentoring, crisis counseling and intervention. Her knowledge in the realm of spiritual and life path growth is extensive, therefore she is an immense help for those who have pressing questions about their lives and the things that are happening to us, as human beings, in this time of great transition.

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