When a baby is born, the mother should always be prepared to plan for 1st-month newborn baby care. The upcoming twelve months are still a roller coaster for a new mom. But the first month is the most tricky one as it is a wholly unique experience to enjoy.

In this first month, not only your baby gets introduced to the world but also you become familiar with the baby’s needs. Every newborn’s care is different, but there’s a basic plan that every mother should follow. Keep in mind this isn’t for premature babies as they take their time to achieve their little milestones.

Here are some few points to be kept in mind for a newborn baby nursing care plan

Newborn baby care 1st month growth
new born 1st-month newborn baby care
Many mothers are worried about their little one’s growth, usually in the first month as they sometimes lose weight. This is because babies are born swelled with extra fluid in their bodies, and they lose it after birth.

After two weeks, the baby might start gaining weight if they’re adequately fed. A doctor’s visit will also confirm the baby’s growth by comparing it to the growth chart.

Newborn baby care 1st-month motor skills
A newborn accomplishes a lot of things during their first month. One of the most common reflexes that a baby is born with is sucking. Similarly, if you put your finger in your baby’s palm, they’ll hold it. These are all the innate reflexes, or the baby learns in the first month. Some babies also show a Moro reflex, which is simply a startled baby who flares both arms and legs. The newborn baby nursing care plan also tells us that the neck strength doesn’t come in this month, so the baby should have enough neck support for sleeping or even while holding.

newborn baby care 1st-month sleep
This is again a concern of every mother out there that how many hours should a newborn baby sleep? According to a newborn baby nursing care plan, the baby sleeps for good fifteen to sixteen hours a day for the initial weeks. These hours may be hectic as well because the baby isn’t used to familiar surroundings and time. The mother can manage this by distracting the child from sleeping at the day to sleep at night. With time the newborn gets familiar with day and night.

Newborn baby care 1st month Senses
Babies aren’t born with clear eyesight; in fact, they have a fuzzy vision. A baby can only see things that are nearsighted. This means that a baby looks at you while nursing and prefers to look at human faces rather than toys in the initial first month. The newborn baby’s eyes are also not in their control. They usually take time to focus.

A newborn isn’t born with a fair hearing power, but they recognize their parent’s voices from the womb. A mother should always note that if the baby responds to the sounds because this is the month, you should inform your pediatrician. Babies usually like high pitched sounds and squeaky sounds.

Babies always prefer sweet taste like the bitter or sour taste buds aren’t developed in them. They have a perfect sense of smell to quickly identify their mother’s breast milk in the first few days.

All this information is usually given in a newborn baby nursing care plan by the doctor a mother is visiting.

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