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One of the most common errors that appears when someone is trying to activate or open QuickBooks accounting software. Regardless of whether you're new to QuickBooks or have been using the software program for years, this error can also occur at any time. It is easy to identify this error as an error code massage along with the possible reasons suggested on the screen when you activate QuickBooks Error Support. You notice this kind of error message, that is. QuickBooks was unable to load the license information.This error occurs many times when the QuickBooks document is corrupted. In addition, this kind of error may hold you back from meeting your deadlines and may be very irritating. However, we are telling you the reasons behind the occurrence of this problem so that you can avoid it from routine and add a solution to help you fix QuickBooks error 3371 as an expert. You're helping our QuickBooks Support Technical Team maintain your valuable time.

Causes QuickBooks could not load Data Error license:

One or more of the following reasons may also be used to justify "QB could not load license statistics" errors.

• QuickBooks could not load the license data, i.e. QuickBooks seems to stop operating when you try to reproduce the company information on the drive.
• You could face this issue if the Qbregistration.dat file is missing. The file is made up of your license data.
• Your MSXML issue is damaged and is therefore required to operate your PC.

How to Resolve Errors 3371' could not load a Data License

You may have the following option to remove "QB could not load a file license" error.

Solution 1: Delete the (.ecml) file in the QuickBooks file

• Open the cmd in the prompt box.
• Search for the (.ecml) file and delete it from here.
• Typically, try and open the QB and register the product.

Solution 2: Update your Windows Operating System to the latest version

If the problem persists after the first attempt to solve the problem and remains in the next step.
• Click the Start button on your keyboard.
• Click All Applications and go to replace windows at home.
• Take a look at updates.
• Download all available updates and reinstall the software program.

Solution 3: Manually delete the record of entitlement data store (.ecml).

This solution includes deleting the saved entitlement information (.ecml) document.
• Close the QB desktop and make sure that no related QB is running.
• Open your task manager.
• Choose the Processes button.
• Choose the "Process Name Header" to sort the process alphabetically.
• Search and select all instances of QBW32.exe, and then click End Task.
• Visit your QS home windows entitlement statistics folder and the QB software program model.
• Find your Windows Work Machine and QuickBooks software version of the entitlement data folder.
• Open the command to run.
• Copy and paste or enter the key manually.
• Remove DataStore.ecml from the Entitlement file.
• Select "Yes" when the file is deleted.
• Open the employer file and check-in for the application.

Solution 4: Use QB to set up a diagnostic tool.

This troubleshooting consists of fixing Microsoft.Net Framework, MSXML, and C++ issues.
• Download QuickBooks with Diagnostic Tools from the Internet.
• Shop the device file on the desktop.
• Close all of the open windows and QuickBooks packages.
• Run QuickBooks Setup Diagnostic Tool.
• Restart your computer.

Solution 5: Clean QuickBooks Deployment

This step consists of uninstalling Quickbooks and reinstalling QuickBooks using a smooth setup.
Step 1: Uninstall a QuickBook
• Click the Start Menu button.
• Visit the control panel, please.
• Open "Program and features" and then click Uninstall an application.
• Uninstall the QuickBooks computer device.
Step 2: Reinstall the QuickBooks computer.


We hope this blog will be helpful to you. In this blog, we told you that QuickBooks couldn't load your license data. Some of its effects on the desktop. We have therefore also provided you with the best solution. So you can get rid of the desktop problem. If you can't solve the problem, you can go to our QuickBooks Error Support and get help.

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