This article is to introduce you to 25, make that 22 individuals (you will hear along the way what happened to the lost three) that have come together to form an elite group of people looking to attain greatness over the next 180 days. Greatness not only in their business, but as we will all learn, mostly in their personal growth. For it will take tremendous change on all of our parts to achieve what we are looking to accomplish.

So come join us on what will be an incredible journey, not only for us, but we hope for you as well, as we begin the first steps. You can come back often to catch up on what is taking place in our group and with our lives as we do what is necessary, so that those that come after us will have a path to follow that will decrease their anxiety but increase their pocketbook and their sense of satisfaction. They will build belief in themselves and their capabilities to win in business. Too many people are afraid to try. Sometimes in life you just have to take a leap of faith and belief so hard in yourself and the people around you that the chance of failure is slim to none!

We have set up specific guidelines to be followed and any one of us, including our Call To Greatness Coach Nadira, can be kicked off if we don’t perform! We don’t want to lose the coach so this is going to be loads of fun but a truckload of work! None of us stand to benefit financially from the other - we are all independent business owners. What started as 25 is now down to 22 brave entrepreneurs who are ready to go the extra mile, and push to the finish line & bring home business gold! Let the games begin!

We welcome your comments and input along the way

Author's Bio: 

Theresa Giambrone is a network marketing professional working with the 9th fastest growing business in US business history. Aside from building a team of committed individuals I am currently involved in a marketing experiment called 180daystogreatness, which consists of myself and 21 other individuals with the focus and determination to grow our businesses by 100 personally sponsored new team members in 180 days or less.

I come from a background in real estate, I reside in the state of Illinois, but only for a short period of time as I do not like the cold weather. I was thinking more along the lines of Hawaii...