eBay, the e-commerce giant, needs no introduction. With an annual net revenue of-of 9.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2017, why would it, right? Not to mention, it has been one of the biggest U.S. online companies, on the basis of market cap. In short, eBay is a big deal. More so, if you are already selling your products on eBay, or are at least planning to. Either way, an expert could help you get the most out of the platform, ensuring that you achieve a favorable ROI.

That expert could very well be a Virtual Assistant (VA). Let's say, you are performing all your eBay-related tasks, as of now. And then, of course, you are the one who has to focus on the core business activities. Now if someone takes over the eBay part, won't you heave a sigh of relief? Well, that's the point.

Here's what you could entrust an eBay virtual assistant with:

Uploading products
Managing the inventory
Tracking and processing orders
Creating and optimizing eBay listings
Managing the shipping details
Conducting the competitor analysis, if required
Offering customer support

Pretty much everything that could help get your eBay store back on track. So, if your store is lagging behind, you are in for a treat. That said, how do you hire an expert, or find a good one in the first place? Hope this helps:

Look for an expert or VA with the capability to offer all-inclusive services. You shouldn't need different resources for eBay product upload services, and product categorization. The same holds true for product descriptions.

Make sure they are approachable. They should keep the communication channels open. If a project manager takes over and acts like a single point of contact, that's understandable. But then again, you should be able to reach out to them via Skype, email, or phone, and vice versa.

There should be no hidden costs. The eBay virtual assistant should solve your pain points, and not add to them. If anything, they should help you save on costs that you might already be incurring.

Goes without saying, look for an experienced one. Get to know them better. Have they had the chance to serve clients across diverse verticals? What about yours?

Read between the lines. Take, for example, the eBay product upload services. Does the VA you are about to hire know the drill? Can they create product listings that go down well with the search engines? Are they familiar with the details that go into making a listing effective? SKUs, well-optimized titles, persuasive product descriptions, and the like? If that's a yes, you need not think twice; hire them right away.

Do make sure that they know the platform inside out. eBay is not your everyday e-commerce store. It has its own share of nuances. The experts should be aware of the different formats they follow, to begin with. Fixed price, auction-style, and classified ad. Also, make sure that they are flexible enough to accommodate the file format of your choice. They should be able to key in the details in both an Excel sheet and a CSV file.

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