Firstly, all aspects of your social media marketing strategy will be carried out well
We’ve given a lot of tips over recent weeks, and shown you how to create awesome social media business content. However, there’s more to running a successful social media marketing campaign than just posting content. Across however many platforms you want to use, you need to get to grips with analytics tools, understand the analytics themselves, arrange post scheduling, create designs for your graphical content… The list goes on, and if you’re going to do things properly you need to take care of all these things. For us, there are only two ways to ensure the person in charge knows ALL of these tasks well… You must either amass the knowledge yourself, or hire a digital marketing company.

Outsourcing helps keep things consistent, regular, and high quality
A digital marketing company will have dedicated people to handle each individual part of your social media marketing strategy. For instance, with us, your written content is always handled by the same person. He has years of professional writing experience, and every day – for at least two hours per day – he does nothing but write social media business posts. To create your graphics, we also have someone who knows Photoshop like the back of their hand. This approach ensures that your social media business content will be of extremely high quality. The common practice of having one set of people behind a client’s content – as a digital marketing company will tend to do – also has one other advantage. It helps your voice, your brand and your overall image stay consistent across however many platforms you want to use.

Outsourcing lets you experiment with different features and platforms
Another advantage to you is the wealth of knowledge that becomes available. Let’s say you’re a novice to a platform… If you’re handling things yourself, again you have a tough choice to make. You can either choose between spending time on learning about a platform yourself, or ignoring a potential audience. That problem goes away when you hire a digital marketing company. It’s our job to know all the platforms, and stay up to date with all their latest developments and features. That means that your social media business content and your overall social media marketing strategy can take advantage of the cutting edge in social media technology, all at no time investment cost to you.

Other services might be available
If the professionals you choose are a ‘full service’ digital marketing company like Seek Social, then implementing your social media marketing strategy and handling your social media business accounts might be just the tip of a very comprehensive iceberg. Want an app for your business too? A new website that ranks well on search engines, complete with a webstore? App development, web design, search engine optimization, and e-commerce development are related, it’s true… However, they are still separate disciplines that require different skill sets. Opting for a full-service digital marketing company can get you access to all of that and more under one roof, and one agreement.

Up to 24/7 support for you and your clients
Just like Seek Social, the digital marketing company you choose might also have an office abroad somewhere. That may not seem like something you as a customer can benefit from, but it is. Lets say for instance that you need a task completing urgently. We start the project and put in a solid day’s work on it here in the UK. Where others might need to stop at that point, we can have our U.S. team work on your project too. They can work into what would be the wee small hours of the morning for us Brits, advancing the project ready for the UK team to pick up again later that same morning. Likewise, having support in other time zones can be beneficial to your customers too. Even if it’s something as simple as having someone monitor your Facebook account while you’re asleep, every little helps.

And finally… It’s ideal for small businesses!
For sure, you’ll save an incredible amount of time by hiring a digital marketing company to handle your social media marketing strategy and your social media business accounts. However, you can save money too. By paying a digital marketing agency, you get access to the skill and experience of one or more team members… But you don’t have to pay the equivalent of a full-time salary. Likewise, you also avoid overheads like insurance that hiring someone yourself would incur. Especially when it comes to new startups or SME’s, we know that every penny and every scrap of time that can be saved here can be used elsewhere. Nevertheless – a saving is a saving – and as a result outsourcing control and implementation of your social media marketing strategy to a digital marketing company makes great sense for all kinds of people!

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We started this company as a husband and wife team jumping from corporate employees to business owners. We worked with big organisations for years and decided to use our experiences, industry knowledge, and networks to help smaller businesses succeed.