ED or erectile dysfunction is easily treatable. But if you don't keep yourself away from certain things, the ongoing medications of ED will not work properly or slows down the process. Here is a list that will help you to remember what the things you should stay away from are. And you have to select good medications for ED treatment. Sildenafil citrate kamagra also very useful pills for ED treatment. With the use of medications you have to also keep in mind following thing.

1. Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to our health. But did you know it can harm your health so much that you might have problems with your erection? Constant consumption of nicotine prevents your body from producing testosterone which is the responsible hormone for erection.

2. Alcohol

It can be ok if you have a few drinks. But don't overindulgence yourself into drinking.
When you already have ED, over-consuming alcohol in your body can trigger the signals that prevent an erection. Sometimes if it is longer, it can cause some serious damage to the nerves of the penis.

3. High BP

High BP narrows downyour blood vessels. Which affects the regular blood flow in our body and especially in the penis. And this is the main reason for ED.

4. High cholesterol

High cholesterol slows down the blood flow in testicles, which damages their ability to produce testosterone. Men also need to have a healthy heart to get an erection, and high cholesterol affects their heart too. It also responsible for irregular blood flow in the coronary arteries and this coronary artery can impede to and within the penis. You need to remember that if anything is bad for the heart, it is also bad for your penis.

5. Diabetes

But if you start medications for diabetes when there is already a treatment of ED in going on, then it will be pretty harmful to your health. Because drugs used to treat ED can react in a reverse way in combination with other medicines. So you must consult your doctor and ask for other ways to control diabetes without medications while treating ED. When you go towards for ED treatment that time you have to see Kamagra 100mg Tablets Reviews at most trusted arrowmeds online pharmacy store.

6. Illicit drugs

Consumption of these type of drugs slows down our central nervous system and also affects our blood vessels. Cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana, opiates are some of the main characters of the play. So if you have a drug problem, then this is nothing but another thing to make the Erectile Dysfunction worse.

7. Anabolic steroids

It is just another way to produce testosterone in your body but synthetically. Such as, it helps to grow facial and body hair. But consuming this type of steroid may pump up your body with fake testosterone and reduces your body's ability to produce testosterone. You also can get several side effects. So just stay away from this kind of drugs.

8. Stress

Regular stress from work or from relationships can hit your libido. And libido can lose the ability to create the drive or desire for sexual activity. And your penis can get ED. Once your body caught ED, your stress or anxiety will be doubled up because of your unsatisfying sexual life.

9. Irregular sleep

If you are not suffering from sleeplessness or insomnia, but still not sleeping properly, then you should remember how much harm can it cause to your body. It caused fatigue. It makes sure that the normal level of testosterone goes down; it can impact your muscle and bone density. All of these disorders affect your penis adversely. So stop blaming your disease for not having enough sleep. If you want your penis to be healthy then try things that can help you to sleep.

10. Ignorance

From the first time, don't ignore your problem. At first, you may not be able toan erection once or twice. But don't ignore it. Take a step from the first time.Maybe in the first place, if you didn't ignore it, your sex life could be as amazing as before.

11. Not having enough sex

It may sound creepy, but it is true. Though the number of time you are having sex depends on your relationship status. It is the fact that having sex less than one time a week will double up the possibilities of ED, of course after a certain age. Our body is like a machine. If you don't use it regularly, some parts of it will stop working properly.

The best rate of having sex is three times in a week. So try not to get angry with your partner. Live a happy life, and stay far away from unhealthy habits.

12. Anger

This emotion naturally appears when you can't satisfy your partner. It can be on yourself, thinking of your inability or it can be on your partner. No matter who you are angry with, your anger makes a blood rush on your face but not where you need it. When you are suffering from ED, you are already pressurized. More pressure can make your mental condition worse.

13. Depression

The brain plays an important role in sexual intercourse. And if it is affected for an obvious reason, your sexual enjoyment can also be affected. But often the brain is overlooked. Depression can dampen your sexual desires as well as orientations. Treat it before it can give birth to other disorders.

14. Binge-watching

In this era of Netflix or other subscriptions, binge-watching is now trendy. People simply can't see what they are doing with their body. It's not that we only sit in the same place for a long period of time. We also continue eating unhealthy foods while watching. It gives birth to several problems in our body. Like problems in eyesight, feeling light-headed, makes your body shape very odd, increases cholesterol, affects your sleep. An unhealthy body triggers ED the most. In a study, it is found that men who have a habit of binge-watching, produces 44% less sperm than a normal man.

15. Stop assuming a negative self-image

When you always imagine yourself as a negative character, it is easy to assume your partner will do the same. This is obviously a result of ED. In this situation your mind needs relaxation, but this assumption makes you more anxious. So if you want to be cured stop overthinking.

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