The transition period is a difficult time when a child is looking for his place in the world, experiencing a storm of emotions, observing changes in the body and growing up. Books that are interesting for teenagers are read in one gulp and provide answers to exciting life questions. This is a great chance to get acquainted with world literature in all its diversity.

Here are several categories of books for modern teenagers for different occasions. They are definitely worth reading to discover something new about love, friendship, success and achievement, study and relationships with parents.

Books to help teens find friends

“Looking for friends” is a subjective concept. But probably every teenager wants to have a reliable and loyal comrade next to him, with whom both into fire and into water. Here are three interesting books for teens that teach lessons about friendship and make you wonder - what is it really?

"The house in which ...", Mariam Petrosyan

The main characters of the novel are teenagers living in a boarding school. Among them are leaders, outcasts, informals and those who try to be friends with everyone. They grow up, make friends and resolve conflicts. The book shows many difficult situations, and the author subtly tells how to deal with them. The book will be of interest to teenagers over 12 years old.

The Miracle by R. J. Palacio

A book about a fifth grader named August. He plays computer games, adores his dog, watches Star Wars. But because of a rare genetic disease, he underwent 27 facial surgeries. This book is about humor, true friendship, kindness and acceptance of yourself as you are. The most successful reading age is after 14, but earlier.

"Yanka", Tamara Mikheeva

The parents of the main character Yana divorced, she and her mother moved to a city on the seashore. Now a fifteen-year-old girl needs to overcome her resentment against her father, find new friends and understand what she wants to do. The novel will help, together with the heroine, sort out her feelings, teach how to establish relationships with people, and will also become an excellent reading on vacation for teenagers over 16 years old.

Books to help you survive your first love

Butterflies in the stomach for the first time - exciting, scary and joyful. Books will help to cope with the surging wave of feelings - in the text a teenager will be able to find himself, understand that this is normal, and draw conclusions. And reading books about first love is incredibly exciting - you easily associate yourself with the heroes. Here is a list of three popular teen books on the subject.

The True Story of Federico Rafinelli, Anton Soya

The "creepy" tale of love between the clown Federico and the beautiful Nadira will appeal to all teenagers over 12 years old. The story of how to preserve real feeling amid cruelty and fear. The relationship between Federico and Nadira proves that you need to look into the essence of things, see the good in people and believe that friendship and love will save the world.

The Fault in the Stars by John Green

The story of two lovers - Hazel and Augustus. Their love is going through many trials. Together they fight the cancer that has afflicted both of them. The guys support each other and try to catch the remaining time. Despite the fact that the heroes of the novel are sixteen and seventeen years old, younger teenagers will also like the book.

"Freshman", Victoria Lederman

The love story of seventeen-year-old Sasha Tyulkina is an excellent example of a modern book about teenagers. The heroine is trying with all her might to win the favor of a loved one. If you are in high school, then most likely you will recognize yourself in it and receive valuable advice on how to get out of awkward situations with humor.

Books to help your teenager love learning

During the transition period, learning can be difficult. A teenager already has to cope with a ton of new sensations and emotions, experience ups and downs - what are the lessons here. But here, too, modern literature for adolescents comes to the rescue, which does not teach or read notations, but gently talks about the fact that learning can also be cool. Especially if a teenager wants to know the answers to a lot of questions.

Very often, parents cannot answer all the child's questions correctly. For this, there are special sites that collect a wide variety of questions on education. For example, like the site - it contains more than 500 answers to questions on education. Be sure to use such sites, they will help you and your child.

"I want to go to school!", Evgenia Pasternak and Andrey Zhvalevsky

A story about a fictional alternative school. In it, children do not sit for lessons and do not cram the rules. They make interesting projects together with friends of different ages. But not everything is so simple - they threaten to close the school, and the children will have to study in a regular school. Will they be able to get used to new circumstances and at the same time maintain a love of knowledge? The reader has to find the answer to this question. The book is suitable for all those who like to study over 12 years old.

"Colored Snow", Natalia Volkova

This book is like a fascinating educational quest through history. Great bedtime reading for teens over 14. The main characters are guys from a literary circle, where they constantly receive strange tasks. One of them is to find out whether Anton Petrovich Startsev, known in the city since the war, was a traitor. An entire historical investigation is unfolding, which should help restore justice. Surprisingly, it also helps the characters to understand themselves.

"School in Carmarthen", Anna Korosteleva

This book tells the story of a magical school in Carmarthen, inhabited by ordinary people and mythological characters. Becoming her student is simple: you only need to find director Merlin after the age of 16 and pass his exam. At the same time, it is not necessary to already be with some abilities - they will teach magic there. And besides her - chemistry, physics, medicine and other important sciences. The students of the Merlin School are so positive and active, they study everything with such pleasure that they can infect anyone with their thirst for knowledge. This book is definitely worth reading for teenagers.

Books to help your teen succeed

In modern youth culture, there is an opinion that success, fame and money come instantly. This gives susceptible teenagers false illusions. Here is a list of three teen books that show that there can be challenges on the road to your dream - but you can overcome them.

Rule 69 for the Fat Seagull by Daria Wardenburg

The protagonist of the book is a modern thirteen-year-old teenager, Jacob Becker, who dreams of traveling around the world on a yacht. He enrolls in the section and begins to work hard. At first, there is no practice - only rules. The championship looms ahead, and Jacob has a stutter, shyness and problems in his family. This book will teach teens about how to achieve their dreams and cope with difficulties no matter what.

"First Job", Julia Kuznetsova

The heroine of the book, a teenager Masha, dreams of leaving for an internship in Barcelona. But parents think it is too expensive. But they offer the girl another option - to work as a Spanish tutor for a six-year-old spoiled Dasha. While Masha is studying with the girl, she discovers a lot of new things for herself, trains her language, and most importantly, goes to her dream.

The Peak by Roland Smith

An inspirational story about a 14-year-old Piquet who loves heights. One day his father invites him to climb Everest, to become the youngest conqueror of this mighty peak. On the way, the boy will face various difficulties: illness, terrible weather, severe fear, fatigue and others. But this will all temper him and help him understand himself.

Books to help build relationships with parents

At puberty, children often have misunderstandings with their parents. It seems that adults do not understand you at all. I want to separate and be completely independent, although it's too early. The following books will help teens find common ground with mom and dad.

"Where is dad?", Julia Kuznetsova

A touching story about how important it is to remain a family in any circumstances. Thirteen-year-old Lisa is full of her own worries, and then her father is imprisoned. There is no one to support the girl. Mom and sister moved away. Lisa needs to learn how to help and take care of her family, and also see in people, even classmates, something good.

Terribly Loud and Extremely Close by Jonathan Foer

The father of the protagonist Oscar died in one of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. Now the boy is trying to come to terms with this with the help of an invented detective game: dad still has a key and needs to understand what he is from. Conversations with the people Oscar meets during his searches change him.

He grows up, understands important truths for himself, and most importantly, he stops blaming his mother for the tragedy and begins to build relationships with her. Despite the fact that the main character is only 9 years old, the book will really help teenagers over 14 years old, because the problems in it are by no means childish.

"Manyunya", Narine Abgaryan

A kind and funny book about friendship, family and happiness. The main characters are Narine and Manya. With the girls, readers return to childhood, where the harsh grandmother, dacha and first love. This book reminds us how important the family is. Suitable for any age, but the best effect will be if you are already 16 years old, to remember your childhood.


What do teens read? At this age, he is drawn to books about first love, friendship, relationships with parents, finding oneself, school, achievements. You can recognize yourself in books - many of the above works will resonate with children and will be relevant right now. We hope you enjoyed our collection of books that are interesting to read for modern teenagers!

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