Stress and anxiety are difficult to avoid in this day and age. We have a lot of work, societal and family pressure to be our best at everything. Having this huge burden on you is a common source of stress. Here we will talk about 15 interesting ways to relieve stress!

Paint by Numbers

Painting is one of the best ways to express yourself. It is also a calming activity. Being from this generation, we don’t often have time to get paints, canvas or sit down to draw. Which is why adult paint by numbers are popular. Take out your kit and de-stress yourself. It helps you focus and has a soothing effect. These Paint by Numbers Kits are great way to make masterpieces without painting skills by just following the lines.

Make some tea

Sounds cliché, right? But there are some known teas which help relieve stress. So, get up and make yourself chamomile, peppermint, green, lemon balm or passion flower tea.
Let it flow, let your feelings flow and write down whatever you are feeling on a piece of paper. Then it is up to you, either burn that page or keep it in your diary. When you write, you transfer all that emotional energy into the paper.

Light some candles! Candles are known to be calming, especially the scented ones. You can use one of the following: Lavender, Rose, Bergamot, Roman chamomile, Neroli Frankincense, and Sandalwood.

Dance your heart out, it may seem typical but moving around dancing to a beat is relaxing. If you don’t feel like exercising then dancing is a good alternative. It releases hormones which make you feel better.

Yoga! If you are someone who finds difficulty moving around too much, yoga will work for you. Try beginner's yoga to feel more connected to yourself.

Art is the way: Diamond paintings are gaining popularity and that too for a good reason! They are therapeutic and fun. It is an activity which gives you an end product you can hang in your room and be proud of. Diamond painting helps slow down the thoughts rushing in your head. You focus on one activity and use your energy in a positive way.

Take a nap: Napping might not work for those who have workload left. But for those who feel too overwhelmed and find a way out, napping is good. Time it so that you don’t sleep too long. When you wake up, make sure to have a healthy meal and light exercise.

Pets and cuddles: If you have a pet then take your pet out for a walk or play with it. Spend quality time with them. They will love you more and seeing your pets happy is one of the purest things ever!

Call a friend: We all need someone in our life who we can rely on. Call that one person you trust. Whether it’s your friend or family. Try to meet up with someone and hold hands. Being with people you love releases oxytocin.

Music: Listening to soothing music is very helpful, especially if you are in your office and can’t do anything else. Close the door and put on some classical music. Piano instrumentals are very soothing and are known for their calming abilities. Nature sounds are also very soothing. You can listen to one of those on YouTube.

Watch something funny: It is known that ‘laughter is the best medicine.’ it's because laughing releases hormones which make you happy and make you feel better. Even smiling can have a positive effect. Try to think of a happy memory.
Go for a walk: If you can then go out and stroll in your neighborhood. Most times we get stressed after being cooped up in one place for too long. Which is why heading out is a good idea.

Eat This may seem unimportant but a hungry stomach can make you feel more stressful. So, it is a good idea to keep a healthy snack nearby. Or a drink. Juices are good to keep your energy up and make you feel fresh.

Control your breathing: When we are stressed, we don’t pay attention to how our body is. We are often breathing fast and our heartbeat rises. Practice deep breathing, unclench your jaw, relax your shoulders and take a moment to focus on yourself.

Do try one of these interesting activities when you are stressed! Don't let the stress take over you and fight back.

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