Have you imagined why there is always a craze for LED lighting systems? Have a look below and you will understand why LED lights are preferred over standard illumination. 

LED lifespan 

Indeed one of the most important reasons prompting millions of buyers to opt LED lighting is their lifespan. LED lights can last up to 100000 operational hours which is around 2-4 times the life of fluorescent bulbs. It lives as much as 40 times longer than the incandescent bulb. 

Energy efficiency 

Another big factor adding to the demand for LED lighting systems is their energy efficiency. They produce maximum light consuming lowest power. 

Improved safety 

Although safety of electrical components is most often ignored by owners, experts would suggest adopting LED lighting, as it eliminates the hazards that conventional bulbs produce. 


An LED device or bulb is actually smaller than their traditional counterparts. They can be really small and incredibly adaptable. 

LEDs offer better CRI 

Whether it’s residential or industrial LED lighting the colour rendering index of these new age electronic lighting systems is actually commendable. Their ability to unfold original colours of an object is worth your praise. 

Directional Emissions 

You will be surprised a key characteristic of LED lights is their ability to produce directional emissions. The light is transmitted at only 180° making the light more effective and powerful.

Design flexibility 

LED lights are incredibly small making them adaptable to any application. 

 LED lights are SSLs 

LED lights are solid state lights, wherein Light emitting diodes replace the filaments of conventional incandescent & fluorescent lamps.

Dimming capability 

LEDs can operate at virtually any level of rated power. Another positive aspect of using LED lighting systems is their ability to operate even when the power is lessened. 

Instantaneous Turning On 

LEDs offer another surprising edge over traditional lighting systems. They turn on and off almost instantaneously. Even frequently switching can’t degrade the device. 

 LED lights are eco-friendly 

LED lights have zero environmental issues when compared with traditional lighting. Unlike traditional lighting systems which contain mercury and demand special handling for optimal performance, residential and commercial LED lighting in Sydney can be easily disposed of without contaminating the environment at large. 

LED lights offer Zero UV emission 

LED light emissions happen in the following ways: 

  • A vast majority of the energy is emitted in the “visible spectrum”
  • A lesser amount of energy is emitted in the “infrared spectrum” 
  • Zero emission in the “ultraviolet spectrum”

These facts imply why a vast majority of LED lights are utilised at homes and for commercial and industrial purposes. Lately, the role of overhead lighting brings to our notice, the role played by x petrol station LED lights

LED lighting can operate even on low voltage 

A lot of times we have witnessed how efficiently LED lighting systems work even when the voltage supply is low. Experts say they are the most suitable option for outdoor lighting in oceanfront homes where voltage is generally low. 

LEDs are extremely adaptable 

These new age lighting facilities can run in varying temperatures without facing any significant degradation. 

Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT)

LEDs are actually available in a wide array of CCT or Correlated Colour Temperature values. The colours vary between warm yellow to cool white and others. 

Indeed LED lighting systems are a groundbreaking technology facilitating daily operations in impactful manners. They offer more benefits than traditional lighting systems. 

Author's Bio: 

the author runs a lighting shop selling different types of residential and industrial LED lighting systems. In recent times the author has been shedding light on various types of matters related to these new-age lighting technologies.