A will protects your loved ones in case of death. Will help settle estates and distribute wealth in the manner a person desires.

Even if you have very little to bequeath you must leave a legally binding will so that your family or loved ones are protected. In case a person dies without a will then the sate decides what happens and families can be divided and hurt through long drawn law suits.

With specially designed software will making is an easy business. If you still wish to make sure of all legal loose ends then hire a lawyer. A simple will could cost just USD 200 and one drawn by a lawyer about USD 2000.

When making a will don't let emotions to get the better of you. You need to plan carefully for the future of your family and dependants including pets.

1. Draw up a will that is valid in the state you live. If you move from one state to another review your will and ensure it is in keeping with the laws.

2. As life goes on and you marry or have kids, redo your will to ensure their safety.

3. Accumulated wealth and investments in property too need a rephrasing of wills.

4. When writing a will don't just think money. If you have minor children you need to think who will look after them in case you and your wife die together. Name at least two dependable choices as guardian of your kids.

5. When naming a trustee for your estates choose a person who is good with money and honest too. Ideally it is best to name one person as guardian of the kids and another person who can be trusted in charge of money left for the kids. This way you ensure a check-and-balance situation.

6. Never leave everything to a spouse. If she dies or remarries things could get confusing. You need to protect the interests of every single person separately.

7. In case you plan on disinheriting a child or spouse ensure that the will has a no-contest clause that is valid in the state you live in.

8. Ensure that bequests in the will take into account beneficiaries named by you for bank accounts, investments, and insurance policies. Keep a track of all legal documents and ensure that the will matches the other papers.

9. It is important to review your will periodically and make necessary changes. Think carefully before tying up all your money in trusts or real estate. Plan your investments carefully and keep meticulous records of everything.

10. Keep the will in a safe place and let the family know where documents are kept. If the law requires registration of the will then ensure that's done. The best method is to keep the will and its copies in multiple places.

11. If you are making a trust ensure that the trust is flexible and does not tie up the kids in long drawn out legal tussles.

12. Ensure that the will is witnessed and notarized as well.

13. Be careful in case you have property that is jointly owned. Your share of the property will automatically belong to the co-owner. So in actuality you cannot leave a property jointly owned to your kids or spouse.

14. When writing a will consider aspects like taxes too. Find out what the liabilities will be and make a will that is easy to execute.

A will needs thought and knowledge of the laws. Draw up a will with care if in doubt take the help of a lawyer who specializes in wills.

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