Today is the day on the calendar when we officially celebrate Mothers' Day. However, mothers work their craft 365/24/7.

It's nice to have a day, but what mothers need is encouragement and reminders of how important they and their work are. Today I present 14 newly written affirmations extolling the virtues of motherhood, encouraging mothers, and reminding them of their high calling.

Enjoy and Happy Mothers' Day!

1. "I am a great mom, I am a great mom, I am a great mom and I get better and better each and every day."
2. "Today I am the best parent mom I have ever been!"
3. "I am great mother! My kids are amazing people!"
4. "I am a great mother! Today I celebrate my success as a parent!
5. "Today and everyday I honor the role of mothers in our culture."
6. "I am blessed with a beautiful and healthy family."
7. "My children may not appreciate me now, but one day they will understand all I have done for them!"
8. "As a mother, I am at the top of my game!"
9. "As my children reach maturity, I easily transition from controller to wise guide."
10. "I give my children the gifts of life and opportunity!"
11. "I am a great mother. My children are lucky to have me!"
12. "Today and every day, I show love respect for my mother."
13. "Today I feel like a successful mom and I AM!"
14. "I am a great mother! I listen to my children and meet their needs while always remaining the mom!"

Stay inspired!


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