You can create a perfect wine and cheese pairing on your own. But for some people, especially for those beginners, pairing wine with cheese could be a harder task. You will be confused with numerous wine and cheese sold in the market places.

For more than a decade, people usually pair wine with cheese to create a perfect meal. Dating back to history, plenty of cheese and wine varietal from the same location or the same farm, often fit together.

Every detail in pairing the two should always be considered to create an exquisite experience. If your still having dilemma on what would be the best ways in pairing wine with cheese, take time to read the following main tips on how to pair the two. 

Know the Type

The most essential thing you should always before pairing the two is knowing the type of cheese and wine. It will determine if the two will fit each other. Never try holding the two without knowing their type.

A Bottle of Red Wine for Aged Cheeses

The flavor of the cheese becomes richer as it ages and it slowly loses water content which makes it a perfect pair for red wines. The attributes of the aged cheese counteract the tannins present in the red wine.

Pair Younger Cheeses with Lighter Bodied Wines

The flavor of the two tends to be mild. Never try to pair younger cheese with bold wines as they do not complement each other. The flavor of the younger cheese will just be lost in the bold wine.

Wine and Cheese from the Same Place

For better result, pair your wine with cheese from your local place. You don't need to go too far places just to buy some exceptional cheese and pair it with your wine. In fact, local cheese and wine perfectly fit together.

Cheese and Wine should have Equal Intensity

Wines that have 14% ABV (Alcohol by volume) are more intense and should be paired with cheeses with intense flavors.

Firm and Nutty Cheeses: Your Safe Choices

If you're in doubt on what would be the best cheese to pair because there are several wines being served, choose firm and nutty cheeses. It is the safest yet most popular choices that compliment every style of wines.

Don't Disregard the Salt

Salt cheese may affect the wine's flavor. Hence, never disregard it when pairing the two. Fruity wines with the sweet aroma are the best companion of salty cheese. Don't mess with flavors, it will just destruct your whole meal.

Consider the Texture of the Cheese

Always consider the texture of the cheese in pairing it with wine. The texture affects your wine choice. A lighter cheese best with lighter wines are a perfect pairing. Mostly, white wine is best served with soft cheeses and red wine is better with hard cheeses.

Don't Put Different Kinds of Cheese in a Plate

Basic rule: never place different types of cheese in one plate. It will just confuse you. It will just create "flavor battle" or should I say, "the confusion between flavors."

Don't Try to Pair Acidic Wines with Creamy Cheeses

Acidic wines with creamy cheese are unpleasant to taste buds. Therefore, never try it. The high level of acid in wine can react to the flavor of the cheese.

Sweet Wine with Blue Cheese

Sweet wine and blue cheese are very compatible with each other.  Just like your perfect relationship with your girlfriend/boyfriend or your husband/wife.

You Can Also Consider Other Companions

Crackers, bread, and meat are some of the great companions of wine. Along with the wine, pair your walnut bread with blue cheese. Pairing your wine with other ingredients, not just cheese, makes the paring more delicious.

Your Safe Option: Pair your Cheese with White Wine

This is usually the safest choice of most beginners: pairing white wine with cheese instead of red wine. The fresh and creamy flavors of most cheese often reflected in white wines rather than in red.

Light Dry Wine with Goat Cheese

Goat cheese often labeled as chevre, a French word for goat. This type of cheese is made from goat's milk and is widely produced in the United States and France.

The 2013 Waterstone Cabernet Sauvignon, one of the Quality California Wines , is one of the best pairs you should try. Most Sauvignon wines is a sparkling and dry wine that could be paired with goat cheese.


There are actually plenty of ways on how to pair your wine with cheese. But to create a satisfying result, the basic tips above should always be considered especially for those beginners. You cannot just put everything you like on the table.

In pairing the two, you should always consider the texture of both, intensity, the color, and some of the other essentials mentioned above. Creating your ideal meal is by simply following these tips. Happy pairing.

Author's Bio: 

Scarlett Wells is a full-time writer and wine expert. She is an active critique examining all levels of wine types so she can produce reviews and articles that will help guide every consumer in selecting the right kind of wine to drink. Aside from that, she wrote a lot of blogs maximizing the real usage of wines.