In today’s competitive environment, our biggest unused resource is our own motivation. But what happens when you find it hard to stay motivated? You need to find your own motivation – but how? We have come up with some basic tips that can help you stay motivated.
For simple tips to increase your motivation, we’ll start now:
Remind Yourself of Why
A boring task never seems attractive. Therefore, zoom out and ask yourself why are you doing this task in the first place. Figuring out why will make it interesting.

Push Yourself
Push yourself by start working even for a few minutes. This will be enough to get you going. Tell yourself: «I need to write my essay right now» and start working.

Get Your Body Moving
Move around as you would if you were extremely driven to do something. Even if you fake it, you can actually see it working.

Focus on The Next Step
When it seems impossible to work on a project, you can try concentrating on the next step. You can divide your project into smaller tasks to stay motivated as working on a huge project will only cause procrastination.

Find What Keeps You from Working
Identify what keeps you from working and remove it. This could also happen because you feel afraid, bored, tired, or angry.

Handle Your Fears
Find out if you have any hidden fear or anxiety that keeps you from getting your work done and deconstruct them. Make yourself confident that you can handle even the worst scenarios.

Find a Motivating Person
Get a partner who will motivate you when you aren’t feeling active. A motivating friend, lover, or a family member can help you work hard when you would normally quit.

Start Your Day Early
Plan carefully what you are going to do the next day. Wake up early in the morning and do everything as planned as this can carry you forward far later. You’ll stay motivated when you have a morning routine.

Read Different Books
Read books having different ideas. New ideas can build motivation and can keep your brain in motion so it needs less time to speed up your chores.
Use Right Tools
Our environment greatly impacts our enthusiasm. Any device, application, or a vehicle that doesn’t work properly is capable of negatively affecting your motivation.

Reframe Small Problems
When you face small problems, reframe them as they must be fixed, otherwise they will kill your motivation.

Create A Mantra
Search for some statements that can help motivate you. Just find some words that will tell you what to do.

Build on Success
If you have won, you already feel motivated about everything. Even if it is a small win, it is capable of turning you into a powerful and motivated person.
You can try different ways of placing small successes earlier on to increase motivation later. Managing your to-do lists, putting simple tasks, or giving yourself an affirmation can be helpful.
Bonus: Lasting Motivation
The best way to keep yourself motivated is to put your life in order. If you have to constantly work or grind, then maybe you should look for a new job. The basic idea is to keep the explicit motivational techniques as a backup, rather than a regular routine. Below are a few other things to consider making workflow in a natural way:
Do things you are passionate about. Skip those things that you don’t like to do.
Put your key habits in place to make a structure for the day.
Look for the ways to change your tasks so they drift between weariness and annoyance.
After going through all these tips that I have shared with you, now you know what to do to keep yourself motivated. Discover your passion and create a positive mantra to stay positive and motivated always.

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