Did you ever experience sitting on your desk at the office at midday, thinking your life over?
For example, what could have you done that morning to ensure that your business proposal presentation will get the nod of top management? Or should you have accepted the smaller yet more challenging project offered to you three months ago instead of accepting again the same project you’ve handled for several years now?

 It’s that small ‘what if’ voice in your head that’s provoking you to reassess your recent life choices because it seems you are not heading in the direction you want. You begin to think of your heroes, heroines, idols, and life pegs. You begin to imagine how they managed to figure out their way to success?

Well, truth is, life’s a tough nut to crack. You can’t simply rely on Eureka moments to open the gates to success. More often than not, you’ve got to hustle your way through it--step by step, little by little.

So we’ve rounded up some things you can work on as you strive for success.


  1. Successful people stick to their vision.

Everyone have goals in life.

That’s probably the most common denominator people share with successful people. So what makes the difference? Successful people keep those goals in mind while they work for it at the same time. They focus on their vision in the same way archers aim for bull’s eye. They concentrate and direct their efforts into getting what they want.


  1. Successful people are self-confident.

If you really want to make it big in life, you need to believe that you can. Let the world know that your goals are achievable, and you will show them how.  Be confident in what you can do and watch yourself be better at it.


  1. Successful people practice positivity.

Life consists of Yin and Yang--there are ups and down, good and bad. While recognizing that life is not perfect, and will always have its share of unfortunate events, successful people give more attention on the positive rather than the negative.


  1. Successful people plan ahead.

“When you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” as the saying goes.

People with goals know that goals require action plans. One does not simply go about doing something important without having put so much thought into it. Successful people are in the position they are at present because they spent time and effort breaking down their goals into sets of action, strategizing, preparing, and anticipating for possible areas of concern.


  1. Successful people know how to adapt.


Change is a concept that successful people do not see negatively. They take changes into stride, and actually perceive these as opportunities for improvement and growth.

For instance, entrepreneurs see innovation and technology as game changers when it comes to businesses. Business marketing and promotions went beyond traditional advertising strategies because entrepreneurs welcomed changes with an open mind. Had entrepreneurs and marketers resisted the idea of digital and social media marketing, perhaps we wouldn’t even have an idea about Instagram promotion!


  1. Successful people are time-conscientious.

It is a characteristic of successful people to be respectful of time, both theirs and of others. They know the value of time. They segment their day to make sure they have time for what they need to do. Which is probably why successful people abide by schedules and planners.


  1. Successful people embody grit.

When you face obstacles and face failures in your journey to success, how do you react? For successful people, giving up is not an option. They are committed to their goals that they persist to achieve it regardless of inconveniences. It is this passion to attain their goal, no matter how small or huge it may be, that drives people to success.


  1. Successful people say no.

Another trait that successful people manifest is the courage to say ‘no.’ Of course, declining is a brave thing to do, especially if it has to do with requests from other people. Most of the time, refusing would mean having to upset others.

On a positive note though, every time you say no to someone or to something else that is not originally on your agenda, you say yes to more time, energy and commitment to continue doing what’s needed for the realization of your goal.


  1. Successful people live healthy.

There is a reason why the saying “health is wealth” was coined.

When our body is in the pink of health, we can function and do our tasks better. Our body and mind are ready and prepared to take on simple and demanding activities without feeling stressed and tired afterwards. Remember to eat healthy, keep hydrated, move a lot, and take rest as well to maintain your  body’s well-being.

  1. Successful people are constantly learning.

...and it does not always have to be higher education. Although taking up further studies will surely be advantageous to your professional growth, constantly learning may also mean acquiring a new skill, reading up on current events, attending conferences, listening to others, and maybe even working for some coursework writing service.


  1. Successful people can be contented with good enough.

While perfection is the highest aspiration, successful people recognize that it will not be that easy to attain. Working hard to get perfect can be futile, and put stress on you. Instead, successful people develop the ability to identify when output is at its best, but not necessarily perfect. They know it when something is good enough to make do with, instead of wasting more time and energy for perfection.


  1. Successful people mingle with other like-minded people.

Your network is as important as what you can bring to the table. The people you associate with give you much more than connections and opportunities. When people of the same thinking and character gather, the likeness of each other strengthens each one’s capacities and thought processes. You exchange positive energy that will inspire each of you to grow more.


  1. Successful people reflect on their day.

Lastly, successful people set aside time for assessment. How did their day fare? What could have been better? They look back on their day to identify whether their mini goals have been achieved, whether it is still consistent with their ultimate goal. They determine mistakes, if any, learn from it, and evaluate how to handle the situation better the next time.

Success isn’t about luck. It’s more about hard work, and successful people know it. Are you  now ready to work on being successful?

Author's Bio: 

Laura Buckler is freelance writer always trying to take an in-depth, hands-on approach in writing her articles.She believes that everything in our life is simple and achievable and tries to help people recognize their own potential.