Perhaps you are like many people who add on pounds as if by magic, have already started a weight loss program and are now looking for simple ways to boost weight loss because your efforts have come to a screeching halt. Those extra pounds make you feel uncomfortable and heavier and seem to hang on for dear life. I know how you feel but don't despair. I've come up with 13 easy strategies for you to lose 10 pounds fast without feeling like you have to sacrifice food.

Following these 13 simple, balanced and flexible ways to boost your weight loss will ensure a steady and sustainable loss of fat that you can incorporate as long as you see fit.

1. Keep a diary. Making a note of your daily intake will lead to you being much more conscious of what you eat and drink but don't concern yourself with counting calories, which is more time-consuming than productive. Approximate amounts will do just as well. After a week you will be amazed at just how much you DO eat and will be more motivated to plan healthy meals and snacks so as to boost your weight loss further.

2. Use fat sparingly, just 50%. In other words, reduce your butter intake by half for your bread, toast, muffins and potatoes. This also goes for mayonnaise or salad dressings and, of course, the oil you use for frying food.

3. Eat treats but only occasionally. While treats act as an inventive in a reduction plan, they should be limited to 3 a week if they contain sugar as they will not help with weight loss. And, yes, all of these fall into that category: chocolate, ice cream, desserts, cakes, biscuits, etc.

4. Low fat protein is a must. While treats are a non-essential part of any weight reduction program, one of the simplest ways to boost weight loss is by including low fat of protein at most meals. Protein's primary functions include aiding digestion by keeping us full for a longer period - so we don't resort to junk food - revving up metabolism, repairing and building muscles after workouts. The best sources are chicken, fish, beans, cottage cheese, or low fat yogurt. Eggs, nuts and red meat should only be eaten occasionally.

5. Variety is the spice of life. Another effective and simple way to boost weight loss is incorporate variety into your daily intake. Having a meatless or dairy-free lunch and dinner once a week is also a good idea. Instead you can make whole grains, vegetables and beans the focus of these meals to increase your fiber intake while reducing fat.

6. Less fat will result in less fat. Your body will thank you for switching from whole milk products to reduced fat or from 2% to 1%. Go for low fat cheese and yogurt and read labels to make sure sugar is not listed.

7. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Eat apples or any other fruit which is in season, as long as you eat a minimum of two pieces a day and it is fresh fruit, either as a dessert or snack.

8. Increase your fluid intake. Probably the most vital component for boosting weight loss is drinking water. F or the purpose of keeping your body hydrated and to flush out toxins and waste it is important to give your body plenty of the fluid it really needs to function properly. Soft drinks, sodas, fruit juices and above all alcohol are to be avoided. The sugar in these drinks only serves to increase cravings for even more sugar. Hot water with a slice of lemon can be very refreshing in the morning.

9. Step up for green vegetables. It's important to eat a minimum of two servings of green cruciferous vegetables at lunch and dinner, not only to provide essential vitamins and minerals but also because you will feel full more quickly but if two servings are not enough, eat more.

10. Take the time to enjoy your food. Savour your food and eat slowly to allow your body the time it requires to register when you are full.

11. Choose food which needs chewing and chew thoroughly. Fiber rich foods, which require thorough chewing, will help you feel satisfied and will work wonders on your digestion e.g. unless you have problems with whole grains, eat them whenever possible rather than simple processed foods.

12. Time management makes a difference. By planning your meals, snacks and shopping list you will be more likely to buy just those items on the list and not to be distracted. Junk food, on the other hand, is very tempting when you are feeling hungry.

13. Concentrate on your food and not the TV. Numerous studies have proved that we inevitably consume larger portions of food when we eat in front of the TV because our attention is not focused on the meal in front of us.

These 13 strategies are effective and simple ways which are bound to boost your weight loss as long as keep your eye firmly on your goal.

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I'm Cornelia Doctrove a Brit who has also decided this is the year to get back on track with her weight!

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