Every relationship has high and low points. If yours could use a boost, open and honest communication is one way to get back on track. But if communication hasn’t solved the problems, we have some unique options for you.

Trying these suggestions together, as a couple, is ideal. But if your partner isn’t able or willing, that’s ok; subtle changes can make a big difference, regardless of what the other person does.

Subliminal MP3s

One way to improve a situation is to change your perception about it, and subliminal MP3 audio recordings will help you do exactly that. Since your conscious mind can’t hear and critique the positive suggestions, your conscious mind will accept them with repeated use. They can act as the wind at your back, helping you overcome obstacles and rise above difficult times. For example, if a relationship is salvageable, an influx of self-love, confidence, and a sense of humor can make it much easier to deal with disharmony.

“We possess within us a force of incalculable power, which if we direct it in a conscious and wise manner, gives us the mastery of ourselves and allows us not only to escape from physical and mental ills, but also to live in relative happiness.” – Émile Coué, French psychologist & pharmacist who introduced “Conscious Autosuggestion”


Hypnosis has a bad rap thanks to movies that portray it incorrectly as mind control, and silly hypnosis stage shows. In reality, hypnosis is simply a deep state of relaxation that you’ve probably experienced many times while watching TV or driving a familiar route. One way to utilize hypnosis for your relationship is to uncover and deal with childhood or past relationship conflicts that may be interfering now. Or you can use it to react more positively to each other, cherish your relationship, and more. You can do this through a trained hypnotist, or try one of the many hypnosis MP3s available online for specific personality and relationship issues.

“Hypnosis is to consciousness what a telephoto lens is to a camera.” – David Spiegel, Associate Chair of Psychiatry at Stanford University & respected expert in the clinical use of hypnosis

Past Life Regression

Our findings show that past lives have a lot more to do with your relationship than you may realize. The concept of reincarnation is directly related to the theory of karma, which is about the good and not so good aspects of your relationship and your life that may be the result of past life actions. It’s never about punishment, but simply cause and effect and learning the lessons of life. Even if you don’t believe in reincarnation, past life regression as a meditation can help you rise above and even solve current life problems. It’s an exceptionally freeing and empowering process, if you temporarily suspend skepticism and judgment, and allow it to work.

“I am no Hindu, but I hold the doctrine of the Hindus concerning a future state (rebirth) to be incomparably more rational, more pious, and more likely to deter men from vice than the horrid opinions inculcated by Christians on punishments without end.” --William Jones

Watch Your Thoughts

It’s natural to sometimes feel annoyed or angered by your partner. However, directing negative thoughts at each other will create a nasty game of energy ping-pong; thoughts are things and can damage your relationship and each other. Express how the actions or words made you feel, then let go of it. Or, instead of dwelling on what your partner said or did, send each other Light, which will heal and help you see the truth of the situation.

Pay Attention To Your Personal Timing

The phases and highlights of your life are symbolized by cycles of time and everyone’s are different. Sometimes your collective timing patterns represent rewarding relationships, and sometimes not. Some natal and timing patterns are excellent for certain goals, like improving your love life, and some aren’t at all. Overall rewarding or challenging collective timing relating to the key areas of life (e.g., finances, love life, career, etc.) range in duration from hours to years. Knowing your overall timing allows you to capitalize on the rewarding parts of life and even mitigate some of the challenging parts. An expert in comprehensive (not horoscopes or computer printouts) numerology and astrology can help you identify optimum periods of time for your specific goals.

“The whole of ancient astrology owed its origin to conversation with the cosmic intelligences. But by the time of the first centuries after the rise of Christianity, ancient astrology - that is to say, conversation with cosmic intelligences - was a thing of the past.” Rudolf Steiner

The tips above will help you create a stronger relationship, but remember that sometimes the inherent energy between two people just isn’t conducive to a harmonious relationship. Once you accept this, it’s easier to accept each other as you are and deal with the differences.

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