1.Ozonetherapy is also known by other names such as Major Autohemotherapy (MAH),
2.Extracorporeal Blood Ozonation.
3.Gathering a sample of blood (100~150 ml) from either arm in an Ozone resistant bottle.
4.Then passing right amount of ozone gas directly into the blood.
5.When the human immune system is at its peak with proper oxygen levels it can prevent many disease and other health problems.
6.The ozonated blood will be a much brighter red color than the drawn blood.
7.The ozone-saturated blood is then given back to the patient.
8.Since your blood contains more oxygen during and immediately after Major Autohemotherapy, some people notice improved eyesight.
9.Ozonetherapy is not some new technology. It is recognized mostly in Europe such as England, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Russia.
10.It is one of the most powerful and versatile therapy known today.
11.Not only for anti-aging and drug abuse, also atherosclerotic disease, arthritis, muscle disorders, and even for cancer treatment.
12.Ozone therapy is harmless and safe when used properly and done by Healthcare Professional. It has many applications include injection, autohemotherapy or direct injection into rectum and transdermal.
13.We introduce this treatment since it is the most effective way and it has immediate results.

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Dr. Federico Martinez combines the best of traditional medicine and Alternative healing using complementary practices to restore health.

The path to healing from illness or discomfort is based on the comprehensive work, in other words, taking care of the food we eat, physical activity, body biochemical care and human relations, healing is possible. For this, the place with its care is essential, a place that provides peace and relaxation.