1.Comic Invite
A comic style wedding invitation telling your guests about your wedding so creatively within its dialogues, credits, venue and dates

2. Pharmaceutical invite
You can make a replica of the first aid kit write out venue, date, credits in the form of bandages, ointments etc. it can turn out to be wacky but innovative. The scheduled warning goes “Not to be sold. Only to be exchanged for a lot of love, togetherness, loyalty, and faith.”

3. WhatsApp
WhatsApp has inspired many creations, wedding invitations being one of them. See how this couple tells their story and invite with the help of a “conversation”, screenshots, videos stories etc. you can also use WhatsApp to send countdowns for your wedding day to your guests

4. Video invite
Couples have taken to making video invites more often these days. There is more scope to convey more in a few minutes and it stays longer in memory, is innovative and is more impactful than any other paperback or card invite

5. Theme Based
Got a favorite movie theme? Couples may find a particular theme very enduring and adapt them for the venue and invitation you can make a graphic for the same and mail it to your guests or use a traditional box covered with fabrics with bright colors in real time

6. Royal Cards
Satin cards embellished with an elaborate pin give the feeling of opulence for those royal themed weddings attract them with box of dry fruit and sweets and present them to your guests, a royal invite does not only make your event look luxurious but also give a sense of being “special” to your guests

7. Caricature cards
Let the fun begin with your caricatures. Make caricatures of yourselves and present a story or an image inspired by humor you can use bitstrips or even bitemoji’s to give out a personalized look to your graphic invites

8. Simple but honest
Make you wedding invite humorous and creative. Keep it simple with minimal designs and information inviting your guests to shower their blessings on the couple, you can make it more elegant by making it in the form od a scroll or a parchment

9. Box of sweets and an Idol
Make sweet beginnings by sending a box of sweets with your invite - A creative box type invite with a beautiful idol of a god, as a memento to your guests . The invitation contains sweet boxes neatly mounted at the back of the idol. Such an invitation will not only pleases the eyes but taste buds too.

10. Boarding pass / Theatre tickets
The Boarding pass and theatre tickets kind of wedding invites mostly reflect the couple's love for travelling and theatre or their professions keep it small and simple like a entry ticket to your wedding, it will add a fun element to your wedding.

11. Blow up the balloon
This couple sent out their wedding invites printed on balloons and included a little note to blow up the balloon in order to read the invite. This sets a light and fun tone right from the very beginning so guests may expect the same at the wedding.

12. Passport style
Another style of a wedding invite for the travel bug. If you would like to chronicle your travels or convey your story in pictures, like where you both met, where you proposed, places you visited together etc put it all in the wedding “passport”. Include pictures, a few words about your travels or a poem.

13. Musical paper invite
Music is magical. Moreover, if you are going to have a great musical themed wedding set the tone right from the start with musical wedding invites. Your guests are going to remember your wedding whenever they hear the song later.

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