The 12 Steps are tools that have helped millions of people overcome their addictions, whether it be to alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling or even food.

Originally, the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous were developed by Bill Wilson in the 1930's after he had a spiritual awakening and overcame his alcohol addiction. He then wanted to pass along a program of recovery to help others who were also battling an addiction to alcohol.

Because of the success of the 12 Step model, many people have adapted them to help them overcome other addictions, substituting the word "alcohol" with the WORD of their addiction.

Twelve Step Meetings

In the process of working the Twelve Steps, and attending Twelve Step meetings on a regular basis, one's ego gradually takes a back seat as a higher moral consciousness develops.

As a result, one's dependence on substances is replaced by dependence on a "Higher Power," which may be the group or may be the individual's concept of God.

Ultimately, this should lead to a spiritual awakening in which the addictive substance ceases to be the focus of one's life. By maintaining the spiritual principles suggested in the steps, countless people have remained free of their addictive substance for a lifetime.

A Program Of Spiritually - 12 Steps And The Bible

12 Step programs and spirituality are a way of finding out your own journey, finding out where you want to go. With the 12 Step program you can find God, even if you don't believe.

You will be able to find a Higher Power, knowing that God has an ultimate purpose and plan for your life. The 12 Step program is a place where you can find a better way, a way back to God.

While the 12 Step program is not considered a religious program, it is a spiritual program. It is a way to believe in God and having someone to turn to, to change your course in life.

If Life Has Become Unmanageable - 12 Steps And The Bible

For most of us, life has to become unmanageable, broken relationships are the norm and it seems like we have to hit bottom before we feel the need to take action for help and turn back to our spirituality.

Without a solid spiritual foundation and tapping into a "higher power," one cannot achieve or enjoy peace, serenity or abstinence.

When we start believing in the 12 Step program then we are on our way to recovery. We then can take the first step with says, "we admitted we were powerless over alcohol - that our lives had become unmanageable."

We need to take our addictions one step at a time, one day at a time.

Incorporating the Bible with the 12 Steps can help you make a change, and make a change for the better.

A Biblical 12 Step program will build your faith, your spiritual life will grow and you'll become strong in the Lord. You can have the hope that there will be a better tomorrow.

Just believe that addiction is not the end, and recovery is the road to a new glorious beginning.

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Robert Jakobsen is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. After many years of recovery, he and his wife Shelley (who is also in recovery) founded the RECOVERY NETWORK. A website dedicated to recovery, from those who are in recovery themselves and who have walked-a-mile-in-your-shoes.

Robert And Shelley have just released a NEW ebook, titled: "12 Steps And The Bible."

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