What’s your stress index these days? If it’s high, try these sure-fired ways to evoke and preserve harmony and light.

1. Phone a friend. One of the best ways to reconnect with the deeper, core self is to talk with a friend. Besides the relief in resonating with a sympathetic, loving person, speaking your truth opens the throat chakra so that light can flow up from the heart and down from the crown of the head to infuse the energy system with inspiration and balance. Friends and family are wonderful mirrors, and we see ourselves more clearly in them. Listening to other people’s constructive ideas frees up our own.

2. Spend time in nature. Go outdoors, immerse your senses in nature’s beauty and allow her frequencies of vibration to ground and center you in a higher reality. Nature’s resonant frequencies are 8 to 14 hertz, the alpha frequencies of brainwaves that responds to sensory awareness and produces a relaxed, diffused, daydreaming state of awareness. Relaxing in nature heals the body and stimulates creative ideas and soul inspiration.

3. Stay in the Light. Immerse your awareness in the Light just above and toward the back of your head for twenty to sixty seconds. Simply connecting with this light will steady your mind, strengthen your body and open your heart to the loving perspectives of your soul. Do this at any time and in any place. You will immediately shift into emotional balance.

4. Put good energy into everything. Embarking on every new project with an open heart, clear mind and positive expectations patterns the project and strengthens it to withstand fluctuations in the field. If the project falters, use the light in you to rebalance and harmonize it.

5. Use right action and right timing. Sometimes we need to push a stuck door to open it. Sometimes it’s the wrong door. Right action and right timing are critical today. If you are unsuccessfully attempting to open a certain door and the result is unmanageable stress, you may need to let go of that doorknob. Saturate it with light, but if nothing works, let go and pull the plug on your stress.

6. Heed your intuition. It’s always wise to listen to the inner self, which knows more than the logical mind and ably guides right action and timing. In a quiet, contemplative state of mind, ask for guidance in everything. In the intense light of these times, your intuition will grow stronger and more accurate. Connecting with feelings puts us in touch with our intuition. You might consider journaling, writing a song or creating a work of art. Creative work connects us with the deeper, subconscious core self, where the soul resides.

7. Reach out and send light. It’s hard to watch people do greedy, selfish, unkind and mean-spirited things. We want to protest and oppose wrong action. But if you do so and cannot stay peaceful, withdraw until you can. The best path to change is peaceful activism. Showering people and events with light restores them to the Divine Harmonic.

8. Stay in your power. Recently I lost an important relationship by overextending myself to the point of intolerable stress. A good diet, adequate rest and exercise, nature walks, daily meditation, beneficial friendships and constant self-inquiry enable us to work from a solid base. If something feels bad, it probably is. Stay with what feels and is good for you. If you feel divided, don’t do anything until you know what to do.

9. Cultivate happiness. Examine what makes you happy and give it to yourself. Too often we expend our time and treasure on everyone else. Put yourself first! Soon your lasting happiness will overflow to uplift the lives of others. When you feed and nurture your happiness, the Law of Attraction brings more of it to you and to everyone around you.

10. Dream for guidance. If you do not meditate, ask for a guiding dream to discover what your soul wants and needs. Set an intention before bedtime, place pen and paper by your bed, and expect to wake up with a solution in mind. Do this until you know your next best steps.

11. Sing for harmony! Listen to music that gives you joy and sing anything that comes into your mind (for laughs, amusing songs like “The Yellow Rose of Texas,” “Camptown Races” or “My Boomerang Won’t Come Back”). Perhaps even better, bring musical tones up and down your body’s energy system (chakras) and allow the frequencies to orchestrate harmony. Sound is calming and it resonates in the body. If you like to sing or listen to soaring spiritual harmonies, you will love Deva Premal’s exquisite album of Hindu music, “Dakshina.”

12. Remember who you are. There is nothing in this world more powerful than the open heart aligned with its body, mind and soul. In this we are powerful enough to become the gods we are meant to be and are becoming.

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Judith Pennington is an internationally published journalist and coast-to-coast teacher of meditation and consciousness expansion. Visit www.thestillsmallvoice.org to read articles related to this one. See www.eaglelife.com to find tips, tools and techniques for staying peaceful and awakening to your inner divinity.