1.How are you feeling? Are you excited?
Yes of course Aunty, its MY wedding I am likely to be very excited. I am starting my new life all from 0, but I don’t like the fact that you are more excited than I am.

2.How’s the guy? What is his profession? and salary?
Ahem. Ahem. I am marrying a guy. Of course he is good that is why I have agreed to marry him. And yes of course I would like to keep the salary of my would be hubby to myself. Thank You Namastey

3.Love Marriage or Arranged?
What is the fundamental reasoning behind asking this question every time a couple gets married? How are the local aunties even remotely related or should be concerned to know whether at all it was a arranged flick or a love one.

4.How did you guys meet?
Now the poor couple has to sit and tell and tell their story of romance if it was a love marriage and this question is obviously not for people who got into a arranged setup.

5.Did you go for a background check?
Overly concerned aunties literally look in for and dig in for issues to gossip about and what better than the groom’s background check?

6.Where are you going for the honeymoon?
Definitely not your place Aunty definitely.

7."Have you guys made out yet?"
Can you please shut up Aunty, please for mankind’s sake enjoy the food and leave.

9.So you guys talk late till night?
Yes aunty, I guess I can talk to my would be atleast. We are getting married I will soon shift to his place and soon will spend my nights with him in real time.Do you have a problem aunty?

10.Where did you get your dress from?It looks so expensive.
No, Aunty got it from Chandni Chowk a fairly good deal you want one?

11.Got the lingerie?
No, Aunty I thought you will get one for me.

12.You will forget us now.
Yes aunty still trying to remember who are you actually?

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“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”