Hello, I'd like to share some practices that I know work for me and shape my life for the better. I see these practices change the way people respond to me and occurrences that seems to be more than mere chance. I'm talking about using the law of attraction. I first learned of the concept only a few months ago. I was really just storing information at that time. I'm like that, reading and storing information, then moving on to the next bit of intrigue.

At the time of understanding the law of attraction, I was using drugs pretty heavily. The idea of the law rang with truth at all levels of my being. However doing what was suggested was out of my routine of doing little more than getting by. I was too preoccupied by the norm of work, family and drug use. I don't want to leave out the fact that I was a huge procrastinator.

As time went by I quit my job, exhausted my resources and ran off from my wife and kids. I struggled to find a solution and kept failing to find the means to bring about a positive change. I knew that somewhere within me I already had the solution to my turmoil. Stubbornly I kept doing what was already failing me. Till I found myself in the ICU. My drug use had nearly killed me. There on the hospital bed, I realized that the law of attraction was at work. I was seeking a solution to my problems and attracted my near death to wake up from my ignorance. Another sign was that, of the 3 nurses, 2 of which had all but 1 letter of both my wife's and my own name. I entertained the idea that I could win the lottery with those odds. To me it proved that the law of attraction is a reality. So after I got out of the hospital, I put it to work, which is what this article is all about.

So what did I do? I began attracting what I was after consciously. I currently have a routine, Every morning before I eat, I take a 15 minute walk while saying or singing my list of affirmations. I have fun with it, I enjoy the moment and marvel at the beauty that is unseen when I'm not in search of it. My premise is that thinking and saying what you intend for your life is sent out during the walk. I believe it to be empowered when combined with physical movement, almost like your affirmation is ingrained in your movement. Here it's Important to remember that learning to move precedes all abilities besides thought. I also empower my intent by using a quartz crystal while on my morning walk, it's a widely held belief that crystals amplify energy.

So what are my affirmations you may ask? Well they are simple and I think its best unless your in need of something specific. I think this about covers everything you could ever need, but being specific may empower what you need. Remember to have gratitude, when you see it come into your life. I enjoy giving it a dance of appreciation. So here they are my 12 steps.

1. Love

2. Freedom

3. Joy

4. Health

5. Wealth

6. Abundance

7. Harmony

8. Gratitude

9. Compassion

10. Awareness

11. Wisdom

12. Success

Hope this helps anyone that applies them. If nothing else I encourage you to practice the law of attraction in your own way. Don't let procrastination rob you from taking control of your life. I'd also like to thank you for taking the time to read this, bless you and stay open-minded.

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-Bruce K Elder
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