Are you itching to get out of the four corners of your home?

Where are you planning for your next getaway?

Have you found a place to stay?

Airbnb got you covered. It is one of the best ways to book accommodation. It’s way cheaper than hotels and condos but as comfortable as your home.

Don’t know where and how to start? Let us help you find the perfect listing from this quick guide for Airbnb first-timers.

But first, get to know more about Airbnb.


Airbnb enables people to find the perfect accommodation in any location. It is a platform that helps travelers find the best property online for both short and more extended stays.

The network acts as a digital marketplace. The website or app aids the search for guests and hosts.

There are over 3,000,000 listings available worldwide. However, not all are the same. In fact, it comes in various styles. Some can be a simple room in a flat, and others might be the entire house.

It’s quite challenging looking for the best place at a reasonable price. To help your dilemma, here are Airbnb tips for first-timers like you.

Find Out What You Want

Airbnb listings are massive. First-time guests need to know what you prefer. Could it be an entire home like a townhouse, a private room, a shared room or a studio type for rent in Kapitolyo Pasig?

An entire home allows you to enjoy the whole place for yourself. A private room means you have your room but share some common spaces. A shared room stays in a shared space just like a shared room.

Tip: For a less overwhelming process, narrows down your list of options. Go to “More Filters.”

Check All The Reviews

Reviews are the most basic yet essential tip. Previous customer’s genuine feedback is key to knowing what you’re getting.

Always read every review before reserving an Airbnb property. Looking for pictures and property description is necessary. However, guest reviews leave the real scoop. It provides even to the lowdown and tiniest detail.

A negative review is inevitable. Every guest has different preferences. Understand their issue. If it does not bother you, confirm your reservation.

Tip: If there are more positive reviews than negative ones, discount one or two from the latter.

Read The Whole Listing

Airbnb is a listing page that contains a lot of information. Read and understand everything in it.

Take note of the house rules and amenities. Find out the cancellation policy. Every property is different and separated.

Tip: Take time to scour the page. If you have further queries, don’t hesitate to contact the host.

View All The Photos

Airbnb hosts boost their rentals through photos. Look closely at the pictures.

Blurry and fewer photos are red flags. They might be concealing something that is in poor condition.

Tip: The top Airbnb listings display clear photographs. It covers all crucial angles from the living rooms, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Choose A Local Host

Traveling abroad is more comfortable if you stay with localhost. It brings out the best authentic experience you never thought you’d have.

Tip: Find locals by reading the host description thoroughly.

Use Google Street View

Airbnb properties only provide a vicinity location within a 2-3 block radius. It is for the privacy and security purposes of the hosts.

Be familiar with the place beforehand. Map out and look at the houses, restaurants, and shops nearby.

Tip: Read the place description. Compare the exterior photos from the listing with the Google Street View.

Contact The Host

Communication is the key to a more comfortable stay. Clarify questions and some details with the host.

The response time matters. If it takes more than 24 hours to reply, it’s a red flag. Good hosts respond within 24 hours. The best ones answer within hours.

Tip: Establish a healthy guest-host relationship. Both of you are wary about the Airbnb booking. Be honest with your concerns in a respectful manner.

Learn About The Fees

Estimate your expenses, including extra fees. Watch out for the following:

Nightly price - the rate charged for each night’s stay.

A Cleaning fee is a one-time payment for the cost of cleaning. Find it under the “Prices” option.

Extra guest fee is an additional fee for every extra person on top of the declared guests.

Airbnb service fee - ranges from 5% to 15% of the reservation subtotal. All Airbnb property has this. It calculates the length of reservation, reservation subtotal, and listing characteristics. The higher the reservation subtotal is, the lower the guest service fee.

VAT - charged to guests as an addition to the service fee

Local taxes depend on the host’s listing location. Confirm if payment is upon reservation or check-in.

Nevertheless, not all hosts charge these. Talk more about it with your host.

Tip: Get an overview of your expenses. Enter in your request dates. The total cost breakdown and included fees will show.

Finalize The Number Of Occupants

Airbnb rental price increases with the number of people staying. Although a property accommodates six (6) people, it might charge you differently. An additional $20 fee per person if guests are more than 4.

Tip: Enter the number of guests who will stay with you. It gives an accurate reflection of the actual price you have to pay.

Settle And Communicate On Airbnb

Save yourself from fraud. Secure your payment through the Airbnb website.

Payment thru cash or any alternative avoids Airbnb service fees. But, you will lose the company’s protection if something goes wrong.

Tip: Reconsider your decision if the host persuades you to pay outside the Airbnb system.

Understand the Cancellation Policy

Sometimes trips get canceled for unexpected reasons. Something is far more critical than your weekend getaway. Obtain an exception from the Airbnb cancellation policy under extenuating circumstances.

Tip: Contact the host and see if they are willing to refund. If not, contact Airbnb directly. Remember, it all depends on individual circumstances.

Use Wish Lists

Finding the best accommodation takes time. You have to run down all listings and its description. Use a Wish List when you come across a property you like. It narrows down your search to sell all your favorites.

Tip: Press the “Save” button to add a listing to your Wish List.

This quick guide for Airbnb first-timers finds the perfect listing way better. As you do your research, make sure to keep your Airbnb profile updated. Hosts value their property, so they choose their guests wisely. Nevertheless, don’t forget to leave a good rating and honest feedback. It works both ways since the host also reviews a guest.

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