You may have heard that sleeping is important to your health. You may have heard that going to bed early is good to your body. However, there are a lot of things to do after going home to keep you away from going to bed early. For example, you would like to watch a movie or read a book. Or you would like to prepare for your exam tomorrow. Or you would like to play video games. That keeps you busy and you go to bed late. When you are young, you do not think it a problem because you have so much energy. When a life like this goes on and on, you would find out what the consequence is.

That is what I try to emphasize here. Why do people stay up late even though they know it is bad for the body? Maybe they would tell you that they have work to do. Maybe they would like to do things for themselves and forget about time. They may say it can’t be so serious. They would say it is all right. Let me share more about how sleeping late influence your body. Research reports point out that sleeping is not just sleeping itself. It is related to the whole body and its function.

Here are the reasons for you:

1. Gain weight
It is very common to have snacks while you stay up late for an exam. Unconsciously you would have more calories than you think at night. Maybe you would like to eat fast food like fried chicken. You do not have enough fruits and vegetables. You eat more than you need.

2. Lose your concentration
It is often heard that it's good to get enough sleep for at least six to eight hours every night. It is true that everyone has a different situation. The fact is that you should get enough rest to make your body function well again. You would agree that it is impossible to work like a robot without rest at all. Your brain would reorganize all information when you take a rest. When you go to bed late, you would wake up late certainly. You need to put yourself together longer and start to concentrate on work. You could possibly think that you do not have sufficient sleep and do not work efficiently. It is hard for you to work with great concentration. That could explain why it is so hard to focus when you do not have enough sleep.

3. Memory decline
Staying up late and you still have to keep on working the next day. During the daytime, you would feel dizzy and cannot remember anything so easily and quickly.

4. Poor performance
Many people like college students and young adults stay up late. They think that it would be all right to stay up once in a while or two to three days. What they do not know is that they cannot have good performance as they do when they have enough rest.

5. Make a bad decision
When you don’t rest enough, it is hard for you to make all the things right. When you make a decision, you need to consider more things together. If your brain doesn’t get enough rest, it certainly cannot function well.

6. Gastrointestinal problem
The intestinal bacteria has a so-called "physiological clock", which will change regularly with the day and night. If you stay up late, the intestinal bacteria and the number of bacteria would be imbalanced. That means that your stomach to work normally.

7. React slowly
When you do not let your brain have enough rest, it takes longer to process information. Your response takes longer than usual. It is difficult to ask for speed and accuracy at the same time. Eventually, you get your work done, but longer."

8. The Risk for heart disease
When you are used to sleeping late, a hormone, cortisol, is released in the body. This hormone increases our blood pressure. You can possibly develop diseases such as hypertension and heart disease.

9. The Risk for mental disorders
When you sleep late, you cannot get enough rest. You cannot get more stressed than people who have sufficient sleep. Your stress is relieved properly. If it goes on and on, it can cause mental disorders like depression. When something is in your mind or you have a problem with sleeping, you might depend more on sleeping pills. This might increase stress levels.

10. Negative thoughts and feeling
When you are tired and exhausted, it is hard for you to feel happy and energetic. It is easy for you to have negative thoughts and feelings. You would probably feel that everything is in your way or something is going wrong.

11. Poor skin
When you miss the time to sleep at 22:00-23:00, it is the time for your skin to repair. You would have easily skin problem like dry skin, dull skin, and skin sensitivity. Good and enough Sleep is good to hydrate your skin to keep it away from getting sensitive, dry, and flaky.

12. Weaken your Immune System
Adequate sleep is very important for immunity. If you stay up late and wake up early, the next day you would find out that your temper would worsen and are in bad mood. You are exhausted which compromises the immune system. Therefore, your body doesn't have enough antibodies. Your resistance would drop which makes you catch a cold easily.

The critical time slots for you to go to bed is from 23:00 pm to 03:00 am. This period of time is needed for your body to self-repairing and self-maintaining. If you do not fall asleep at that time, you are interfering with the process of maintenance. The harm to your health is very clear. Try to adjust the time to go to bed and have a good habit to let your body have a good and enough rest.

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