Big businesses traditionally have large marketing budgets, and large staffs to operate successfully. Heck, they are even known to spend millions of dollars on one Superbowl advertisement.
This can seem intimidating to someone starting a new home business. To compete in the marketplace as a home business owner, you need to understand guerrilla marketing. Here are 12 marketing principles that will lead to big profits in your home business.
1. Your largest investments will be time, energy, and imagination…not money.
2. It is important to understand copywriting, so that you can understand and speak directly to your target audience in all of your sales copy.
3. It is important to measure successful marketing by profits, not by sales volume.
4. Successful marketing relies on knowing the numbers and buying habits of your target audience, not on guesswork.
5. Focus on delivering excellence with your main product or service. When you decide to expand your product line, be sure that your offers are closely related to your main product. Always think excellence, and avoid being perceived as watered- down.
6. Continue to acquire new customers, but also look for ways to earn repeat sales, and larger transactions from your existing customer base.
7. Look for opportunities to work with your competition.
8. Find a combination of marketing strategies that generate the best results for you. For example it could be a combination of using a blogging, articles, and social media, mixed with postcards. Each part of your marketing funnel will help the other work better.
9. Focus on building new relationships. Good relationships can lead to multiple sales.
10. Technology is your friend. Don’t be afraid of it. New advances in technology provide more and more leverage in marketing for the home business owner every day.
11. There are many tools available that will boost profits in your business. Many are free. Be aware of the tools and resources that you have available.
12. Keep it simple. Don’t over complicate your marketing. This will put you in control of your business.
The third edition of “Guerrilla Marketing” was written by Jay Conrad Levinson in the late 90,s, but it is more relevant today than it ever was.
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