Relax. Even saying the word triggers the “ah” feeling we all get when we give ourselves the opportunity to simply relax. And, as we all can attest to, one of the best times of day to relax is after a long day at work.

There is no single universal answer as to how to unwind after a long day. Every one of us has different interests, priorities and careers, so it only makes sense that we all have our own formula to relaxing after work. At Uniform Advantage, we decided to ask medical professionals and UA corporate employees how they choose to unwind. From the corporate end, we are sitting at desks for more than 8 hours a day in our dress shoes and business attire and from the medical professional’s perspective, they are on their feet more than 8 hours a day in basic scrubs from brands like Cherokee Scrubs or fashion nursing uniforms like those from Koi Scrubs. Although we work in different environments, the one thing we can all agree on is the desire to put our feet up and relax the second we get home. We hope that list we compiled from the Top 12 relaxing solutions can give you some new ideas to try at home!

1. Hit the gym to help let out a day’s worth of stress! You always feel better after a great workout because you release built up stress or anger.
2. Try cooking a new recipe. The best part about cooking a new recipe is enjoying it with friends and family.
3. Get straight out of my Cherokee Scrubs and put on my pajamas. While they don’t necessarily have to be Cherokee Scrubs, just getting out of your uniform or work attire after work and slipping into a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt feels great.
4. Enjoying my TV guilty pleasures…we all have one!
5. Get into a good book on my favorite couch.
6. Go shopping—retail therapy!
7. Stretch or do yoga
8. Catch up with an old friend over the phone
9. Take a nice walk outside alone or with a friend
10. Take my dogs out for a walk
11. Play tennis
12. Listen to music

Don’t let this brief list stop you from trying other methods of relaxation! Just make sure to always take some time out of the day to breath, clear your mind, and relax—it’s good for you and you’ll feel great after.

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