“Why am I losing hair?” Are you the one asking this question?You are not alone. Millions of men and women ask this question. They see their beloved hair falling in clumps every day, but, alas, they are unaware of why it’s happening to them.

Hair loss happens due to a myriad of reasons. At times, it could be a single reason. At times, it could be a combination of reasons. “Knowing the real cause of hair loss is tricky,” remarks a hair expert.

The common causes include:

1. Rise in DHT levels
2. Poor diet
3. Childbirth
4. Menopause
5. Prolonged stress
6. Surgery
7. Mental trauma
8. Scalp diseases
9. Prolonged use of harsh shampoos
10. Excessive salon treatments that render hair weak
11. Too tight hairstyles every day
12. Rough handling of hair

Solutions you can use

1. For rise in DHT levels, use DHT blocking hair growth shampoo.
2. For poor diet, eat more of fresh veggies and fruits, leafy greens, nuts, seeds, eggs, fish, and protein-rich foods because hair are made of protein.
3. For hair loss after childbirth, continue to eat nutritious diet. This type of hair loss is temporary and stops on its own after a few months.
4. For menopause, hair loss happens due to hormone imbalance. You can try hormone therapy and minoxidil-infused hair regrowth treatment.
5. For prolonged stress, the best solution is to manage stress. Use minoxidil-infused treatment.
6. For hair loss due to surgery, do nothing, except let your body heal. Hair loss will stop after a few months on its own. This is due to physiological shock that the body undergoes during surgery.
7. For hair loss due to mental trauma, please see a therapist, if you cannot handle your grief alone. Use the best hair growth shampoo. Try to overcome your grief. Your follicles have become dormant due to your trauma.
8. For scalp diseases, please consult a dermatologist for appropriate treatment. Only then can you curb your hair loss.
9. Hair loss due to prolonged use of harsh shampoos happen due to residue buildup on scalp. Switch to a sulfate-free, gentle shampoo.
10. Take it easy on salon treatments, as they damage hair.
11. Keep your hair loose often. Avoid tight hairstyles to prevent pulling of your follicles.
12. Always handle hair like a baby.

These are some of the expert ways to tackle hair loss happening due to a variety of reasons. They also give you ways on how to prevent hair fall.

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