12 best Punjabi Romantic songs for Wedding Videos

A song is a really very important part of a video. It helps you portray a feeling and has the tendency to make or break a video. If chosen correctly, a song can act as a cherry on the top and can enhance a video’s quality. You can easily change the mood of a video by changing the song.

Punjabi songs are not just always peppy and dancing numbers, they can portray love in the most beautiful way as well.

There is a huge list of Punjabi Romantic Songs which can add a little bit of romantic spark to your video for sure!

Some of them are listed below-

1. Meriye Sardarniye


Meriye sardarniye in a beautiful romantic song sung by Ranjit Bawa. This song got released in 2016 and has won a number of awards. Lyrics of this song are literally very beautiful and meaningful. They provide you with an essence of thankfulness to your partner for standing besides you, bearing all your tantrums and still loving you always!

2) Prada


Prada is a song which is sung by Jass Manak. This song was released recently in 2018 and is peppy but very romantic as well. The lyrics of this song give you a meaning of how important it is to give attention to your loved one and be loving towards them, especially the one who is always giving you attention and loves you with all her heart. If your partners keeps loving you in every second of her life, she expects you to love her as well.
This song is a big hit! So you need to consider it definitely.

3) Mai teri ho gayi


Mai teri ho gayi is sung by Milind Gaba and was released in 2017. In this song, the girls asks her partner not to leave her ever as she has become his and expects that he will never take her for granted. She asks him not to make her cry ever as she loves him a lot. She thinks about him each and every second of her day and wants to be with him forever.

This song is worth considering, so do listen to it!

4) Bas Tu


Bas tu was sung by Roshan Prince and Milind Gaba and was released in 2015. It tells you about how much a man can love her woman and describes ass his feelings. This song is a great combination of good music and lyrics has the essence of pure love.
So, do listen to it!

5) Rukh


Rukh was sung by Akhil and got released in 2017. It has very beautiful lyrics and good music.
This song symbolises all the desires that a lover has and what all things he wishes to do to make his woman happy and keep her with himself forever.
He wants to lover her in all possible ways to make her feel special. Consider this song if you have your story like this one.

6) Ishq Haazir Hai


Ishq Haazir Hai is the title track of the movie Ishq Haazir Hai. This song is sung by the Phillauri star, Diljit Dosanjh. This song portrays the actual romance between a couple and how the lover wants to make his partner feel loved, especially after marriage. This song is full of romance and love, so do listen to it!

7) Aa Zra


Aa Zra is sung by Maninder Kailey and was released in 2014. This song describes the feelings of a lover who wants to connect to his woman and wants to tell her about his true feelings. He also tells how he wants to take care of her throughout his life. Listen to this beautifully romantic song.

8) Soch


Soch was sung by Hardy Sandhu and was released in 2013. It is such a beautiful song that it’s remake was included in a bollywood’s movie. It has very meaningful lyrics which tell about how much a woman is ready to sacrifice for her loved one and what all she can do to take care of her. She loves him so much that even he cannot imagine how much. Listen to this romantic number to feel the romance.

9) Khaab


Khaab is a song which is sung by Akhil and got released in 2016. It is a song about how beautiful beginning of a relationship is. In this song, the man tries to explain his feelings to his woman to convince her to be with him forever.

10) Trending Nakhra


Trending Nakhra is song that is sung by Amrit Maan which was released recently in 2018. This song portrays the feelings of a girl who is to be married to the love of his life and what all her expectations are. It also tells about love of the man towards his woman in the end. It is a combination of a dance number and romantic song.

11) Dil


Dil was sung by Ninja and got released in 2016. This is really very beautiful and portrays a situation in which a man proposes his woman to spend the rest of her life with him. He tells her all about his feelings and how he’s gonna keep her happy, no matter what. He tells her that he might not be the richest man but will surely keep loving her always. This is a pure romantic song which was specially released for Valentine’s Day.

12) Tera Deewana


Tera Deewana is a song which is sung by Vaibhav Kundra and was released recently in 2018. It is a very romantic song in which describes the feelings of a man who has recently fallen in love with a woman and how he tries to convince her. It also describes about what all things he says to express his feelings to her so that they can spend their lives together.

These were some of the most romantic Punjabi songs which surely be the cherry on the top if you use them in your wedding video. So do listen to them and decide which one suits your video the best!
Hope you enjoyed reading it!

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