The dog is often known as a loyal animal, but there is no doubt that it is the most loved pet of humans. We keep our dog just like a human and sometimes we give the same to what we eat to show our love.

The question often arises in the minds of dog owners that what should be the food of the dog? It is common to feed bread to the dog and feed it. However, not all human food is suitable for dogs. What is high for us is not necessarily the same for our dog.

That is why it becomes very important that we know which food is eaten by humans and which is harmful to our dog.

Let us discuss food beneficial for dogs and know what is appropriate for our dog.

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Food for dog

1. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter may prove to be the most appropriate type of food for your dog. It is rich in protein which is very important for your dog.

In addition to protein, Swasthupyogi fat, vitamin B and vitamin E are found. Unsweetened peanut butter is best for dogs because excessive amounts of salt can be harmful to dogs. 

Apart from this, you should also check in the peanut butter being given to the dog that it does not contain sugar-related substances such as xylitol because giving it to the dog can be fatal for him.

2. Cheese

If your dog can take lactose, then giving it to him maybe the best option for him.

Most dog owners give them cottage cheese as it is rich in protein and calcium. Apart from this, it is very easy for dogs to digest.

However, you should remember that if your dog cannot take lactose, then no dairy products should be given as they do not have the ability to withstand it, so the thing should not be given.

3. Chicken

Chicken can be given to our dog in many ways. We can either cook it and give it to the dog or even without cooking it. Cooked chicken is very good for dogs and can be given easily but cooked bones should never be given to dogs.

Both uncooked or raw chicken and raw bones can be given to dogs and they are also very beneficial for them. Baked bones become hard and can be harmful, while raw bones are soft and can be eaten easily.

4. Yogurt

Yogurt contains abundant protein, calcium, and digestive which improves your dog's digestive process. They reach into the dog's body and strengthen its digestive system.

However, while choosing yogurt, remember that it contains live active cultures and does not contain fat or any sugary substance or flavor.

5. Carrot

Carrots are rich in fiber and vitamin A, which is good for your dog and provides him with the necessary nutrition. Chewing raw carrots also keeps your dog's teeth strong.

Carrots are also low in calories. Therefore, if your dog's weight has increased more than the weight, then consuming carrot can prove to be helpful in reducing his weight.

6. Kaddu

Kaddu is a very good source of vitamin A and fiber. It provides the necessary nutrition and ingredients to your dog. You can give him canned kaddu or can also be cooked, all types are beneficial for him.

However, make sure that it does not contain any sugars or spices as they can be harmful to your dog .

7. Green Beans

Veterinarians recommend giving green beans to your dog for people whose dog is overweight . It contains a high amount of fiber and is very low in calories. Due to this they are considered useful for weight  loss .

8. Eggs

Eggs can be given to dogs either raw or cooked and both have very strong health benefits. Raw eggs should be given to dogs along with its peel, giving them the biotin, protein, riboflavin, and selenium present in them.

However, when the eggs are cooked for the dog's intake, remember not to add any spices, salt or chili to it as it can be harmful to your dog .

9. Salmon

Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and can also make fish oil useful for your animal .

Whether you give your dog cooked salmon or some capsules, you will be giving them vitamins in every way . But keep in mind that at any stage do not give your dog un-cooked salmon.

10. Sweet potato

Sweet potato works similar to kaddu for your dog as it contains abundant amounts of vitamin A, fiber and other ingredients . These are extremely easy for your dog to digest.

You can give it boiled or baked but it should not contain any kind of spices .

11. Apple

Apple is extremely healthy and delicious food for your dog, which is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C . It can be given to your dog without removing its skin.

Just as Apple is beneficial for humans, similarly it is beneficial for dogs. However, remember that in some cases apples can also be harmful. You should not give apple seed to your dog as it contains cyanide which can be fatal for dogs.

12. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is found in the food of many dogs . It is highly beneficial for your dog's diet. It contains a lot  of vitamins and minerals. Apart from this, dietary fiber is also present in it.

However, remember that this can only be given to dogs that can eat grains.

In this article, we learn about dog food .

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